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Cavan Monaghan, Ontario Tutoring Programs

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Cavan Monaghan District and Curriculum

SchoolTutoring Academy’s tutoring programs for Cavan Monaghan students start with a ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT with an Academic Director. Call us now for a personalized quote! Our services include regular one-on-one tutoring, academic mentorship, bi-weekly progress reports, learning profiles and parental conference calls.

Cavan Monaghan District Curriculum Used in Our In-Home Tutoring Programs

The local schools use a curriculum design that employs both standards and benchmarks to ensure that students are learning subject material and developing the core competencies required for higher education and 21st century professional pursuits. The curriculum has a goal of making students college and career ready, although other objectives such as the development of content knowledge and critical thinking skills are also central to the educational expectations for students. The purpose is to provide students with a solid academic base and offer courses which students find engaging or help them connect with future academic and career goals.

We currently cover the following Cavan Monaghan-area school districts: Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Cavan Monaghan District Curriculum

The curriculum lays out the goals for each subject as a framework for learning from K-12. For each grade level, there are clearly stated objectives for learning that represent the skills and knowledge students need to learn. These have been established as the curriculum uses a progression model for learning where skills build upon skills. This model is used in all core academic subjects and it is by this design that students are able to begin developing critical thinking skills.

Beyond core academics, the curriculum covers pre-professional and specialized programs as well learning opportunities such as Language Immersion and International Education. There are also Dual Credit Programs with three local colleges that students can participate in and earn credits towards both high school and college. The curriculum also offers Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate for students interested in a rigorous college preparatory experience. Cultural studies is also emphasized in the curriculum with options including a First Nation, Métis & Inuit Program and a variety of arts events.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Cavan Monaghan Educational News

  • Math Olympics - Math Olympics is an academic extracurricular that offers students a chance to be competitive with their math skills and capitalize on their academic abilities. The competitions allow for collaborations to solve learning challenges, plenty of problem-solving opportunities, and chances to use math manipulatives to really help compound the knowledge.
  • Parental and Community Participation - The Kawartha Pine Ridge District has four different ways that parents and community members may volunteer within the educational system. Community business owners can play a great role in supporting the OYAP and Cooperative Education Programs, or there is the Champions for Youth program which partners at-risk youth with community adults as mentors, and parents may volunteer in classrooms. Having these different options is intended to strengthen the school and community bond, which helps the students most of all.
  • KPR on YouTube - The Kawartha Pine Ridge District hosts a page on YouTube for videos made my students and educators within the district. One recently highlight was a flash mob performance to keep focus on the major issue in social learning, anti-bullying. These efforts, and their appearance on sites like YouTube, can help show students how their efforts can have a truly broad impact.

Cavan Monaghan Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: How Can Tutoring Benefit My Child?

Working with a tutor on an individual basis is a great academic experience for students of all abilities and all ages. Tutors understand the ways that people learn and are able to help students see how they can go about mastering learning. The tutoring experience allows for students to focus on not just what they learn, but also how they learn, which is what can lay the foundation for future academic success. Tutoring is beneficial for any subject that is presenting difficulties with comprehension or during the process of applying for scholarships and college when having someone to work on application essays can be a major asset.