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Columbus District and Curriculum

The Ohio Academic Content Standards form the basis of the curriculum in the Columbus city schools. Columbus City School District encourages students to go beyond this minimum through its STEM program, which prepares students for careers in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The STEM Project Lead the Way helps high school students to ready themselves for college programs in engineering and biomedical sciences. Middle school students can enroll in the STEM Gateway to Technology program, which gives them a general introduction to the engineering profession. The curriculum includes units on aerospace, energy, the environment, and robotics.

We currently cover the following Columbus-area school district: Columbus City Schools.

Schools in Columbus include:

Indian Springs Elementary School is located on 50 E Henderson Rd, Columbus, OH 43214, Indian Springs Elementary School covers grades K-5 and can be contacted at 614-365-6032.  The goal of the staff of Indian Springs Elementary School is to help each child reach their full potential by creating a positive, child-centered, learning environment. Each student is encouraged to become a lifelong learner. The school provides intervention and enrichment specialists to support differentiated learning, and in grades 3-5 the school offers gifted math and reading instruction. The curriculum taught at the school includes the Ohio Standards. These standards cover the areas of mathematics, English Language Arts, science, social studies, world languages, fine arts, technology, physical education and financial literacy. At the end of grades 3-8, students take an Ohio State Test in English Language Arts and Mathematics. In grades 5 and 8, students also take a test in science. SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring in all of these subjects. To find out more please contact us.

Dominion Middle School is located on 330 Dominion Blvd, Columbus, OH 43214, Dominion Middle School covers grades 6-8 and can be contacted at 614-365-6020.  Students at Dominion Middle School are taught to be highly educated, prepared for leadership and empowered for success in a global society. Students entering the school in 6th grade are welcomed by WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) leaders, who are 8th grade students nominated by teachers trained to run 6th grade orientation and serve as role models for younger students. The school offers a variety of elective classes including art, theater, Spanish, physical education, engineering and computer science. The music program includes classes in choir, band, jazz band, drumline and orchestra. The theater program at the school organizes 2 student-led theater productions per year. Students wishing to get a head start on high school may do so as the school offers the opportunity of students to earn 6 high school credits, including Math 1 and Spanish. The curriculum taught at the school includes the Ohio Learning Standards. These standards explain the knowledge and skills that students should have from PreK to grade 12 and standards emphasize critical thinking and problem solving. For more information on the one-on-one tutoring SchoolTutoring Academy offers, please contact us.

Centennial High School is located on 1441 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220, Centennial High School covers grades 9-12 and can be contacted at 614-365-5491. Originally opening in 1976, Columbus High School is an environment where students learn to take risks in the learning process and become dynamic community members. The school is a college preparatory high school with the opportunity for students to take advanced placement courses, participate in an extensive arts program, and learn through advanced technology and cooperative learning. The school offers AP courses in calculus, French, Spanish, English Literature, English Language, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science and government. The school has been ranked by US News and World Report among the top high schools in the country, obtaining a silver award. Along with this award, the school has also received a score of “excellent” by the Ohio Department of Education, which is the highest mark given. In addition, the school has sports teams in Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, Swimming and more. In the 2017 school year, 66% of students at Centennial High School enrolled in Postsecondary Institutions. Many high school students wishing to attend college or university after high school take SAT or ACT tests in order to add to their college applications. For more information on the SAT and ACT test preparation tutoring SchoolTutoring Academy offers, please contact us.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Columbus District Curriculum

In teaching English, Reading, and Language Arts, the goal is to tie the skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening together. Students learn all skills simultaneously, so that they can understand how the skills relate to and build upon each other. To further show students the relevance of the subject, teachers try to connect their classroom instruction with the world around them. Ultimately, students must become comfortable expressing themselves in both written and spoken formats, master reading comprehension skills, and expand their vocabulary.

The Math curriculum is similarly designed to emphasize key areas of learning while having a range of skills developed within each area. Algebra, geometry, statistics and data analysis, and increasingly technology are all areas of study in Math. Students develop skills working with equations, factoring and modeling, enabling their mathematic reasoning abilities.

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I believe that all students have the capability to succeed. This may require different approaches and varying amounts of collaboration with schools, families, and communities, but it can be done. When we stop severing schools away from the rest of a child’s life, it will become relevant and perhaps even enjoyable for many students.
I believe every child has the ability to learn, just at different paces or through a different strategies. Each child is different and needs to have the material taught to them in a way that caters to their needs. I think every child can reach their goals in life as long as they work hard and I’d love to be a part of helping them reach their full potential.
Education is a life learning event. Learning is a never ending, exciting part of life. Not all students learn the same way. A teacher must try different ways of expressing concepts until the student is able to grasp and fully understand the taught material. A teacher should also never stop learning; in fact, they should never think that he/she knows all there is to know about a subject. The teacher should strive to obtain more knowledge and pass on that knowledge to their students.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Columbus Educational News

  • Race to the Top Grant - As a result of Ohio’s performance in the Race to the Top program, the Columbus City School District will benefit from an additional $20.5 million over the next four years. Among the goals for this money, the district intends to increase graduation rates and college enrollment, and increase academic performance and attainment.
  • A Day Made Better - As part of its A Day Made Better program, OfficeMax awarded six Columbus City School teachers with $1,000 each, to be used for classroom supplies. The teachers were nominated by their principals for their outstanding performance.
  • STEM Programs - The Project Lead the Way Conference in Ohio honored Eastmoor Academy and Northland High School for their achievements with the STEM program. The schools’ biomedical and engineering programs have earned national certification, and are being upheld nationwide as a blueprint for success in raising students' engagement and achievement levels.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is the capital of Ohio. The city is located in Franklin County, and is the most populated city in the state and the 14th most populated city in the United States. Named after Christopher Columbus, the city was planned to be a political centre by the Ohio legislature in 1812. The first railroad in the city arrived in 1850, which helped kick-start its growth. Today, the city’s economy has diversified to include education and health, transportation and utilities, and professional and business services. The city’s geographical location has made it a transportation centre, as the city is connected extensively to the rest of the United States by railroads, an extensive highway network and an international airport. About half the U.S. population is located within a 500-mile radius of Columbus.

The city of Columbus has been highly decorated with awards for its reputation as a good city to do business in. Columbus has been ranked as of “The 6 Best Big Cities” in 2016 by Money Magazine, who also called the city the best in the Midwest, citing its excellent wage growth and highly educated workforce. In 2012, the city was also ranked in BusinessWeek’s “50 Best Cities in the United States” Other awards the city has received include Forbes giving Columbus an “A” grade for being one of the top cities for business in the United States, and being ranked number 1 by Forbes as the up-and-coming tech city in the United States.

In 2017, the population of Columbus was 879,170, making it the third most populated city in the state. 22.8% of the population was under 18, 32.4% of the population was between 18-34, 25.1% was 35-54, 10.3% was 55-64 and 9.5% was over the age of 65. The median household income in the city was $47,156 in 2017

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are located in Columbus and were originally built in 1895. Today, the conservatory is on the National Register of Historic Places, and houses exotic plant collections, special exhibitions and artworks from glass artist Dale Chihuly. The conservatory contains more than 400 plant species divided into biomes representing global climate zones such as the Himalayan Mountains, Tropical Rainforest, Desert, and Pacific Island Water Garden. Outside of the conservatory lies an additional 90 acres of botanical gardens and green space.

German Village

The German Village is one of the historic districts in Columbus. In 2011, it was named as one of America’s Great Places in the Neighborhoods by the American Planning Association. German Village is filled with a mixture of small businesses and houses with architecture dating from the 1840s-1890s. The area is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places, and is one of the world’s premier historic restorations. The area was originally settled in the early to mid-19th century by a large number of German Immigrants coming to the Columbus area. Today, visitors to the area can enjoy a variety of dining options from one of the locally owned restaurants such as Schmidt’s Sausage Haus and Schmidt’s Fudge Haus, both of which have been in German Village for 120 years.

Easton Town Center

The Easton Town Center contrasts German Village as it is the most modern neighborhood in the city. Commonly referred to as “Easton”, the area is an indoor and outdoor shopping complex located in the northeast part of the city of Columbus. The complex is designed to look like a self-contained “town”, with buildings in streets being modelled off American cities and towns in the early to mid 20th century. There are about 240 stores and services in Easton Center, with the anchor stores in the center being Macy’s and Nordstrom. Visitors to Easton Town Center can also enjoy outdoor concerts in the South District, movies at the AMC Dine-in movie theater, and dine at one of the many restaurants.

Interesting Facts

  • The very first Wendy’s restaurant opened on East Broad Street in Columbus in 1969. Today, the franchise’s headquarters is in Dublin, Ohio, located very close to Columbus.
  • The world’s oldest captive gorilla named Colo, lives in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. She was the first gorilla to be bred in captivity and was born on December 22, 1956.
  • Columbus resident Garaldine “Jerrie” Mock was the first woman to fly solo around the world. She took off on March 19, 1964 in a single-engine Cessna named the “Spirit of Columbus”. 29 days later, she completed her journey and returned to the city.
  • Clarence and Charles Hoover designed the world’s first water filtration in Columbus in an effort to fight typhoid fever outbreaks. Their design and treatment protocols are still used around the world, and the Hoover Dam was named in honor of them.

Chalk Talk: The Importance of Reading

Communication is the key to success in any field and the student who desires career success needs to master this skill. It all starts with reading, even at a very early age. Countless researchers have shown that reading aloud to a young child, and encouraging children to read to themselves as they get older, has long-term benefits. Students will expand their vocabulary naturally, become familiar with the basic structure of sentences and paragraphs, develop their imagination, and increase their attention span, and - not the least important – discover the fascinating, always-expanding world of stories.