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Cornwall District and Curriculum

The Cornwall Central School District (CCSD) educates over 3,400 students at five sites throughout the Town of Cornwall. Its facilities consist of three elementary schools (K-4), one middle school (5-8), and one high school (9-12). The CCSD has created its K-12 curriculum to align with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and its adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These standards emphasize coordinated instruction in English language arts and mathematics, with goals to streamline curricula for other core subjects in the future.

We currently cover the following Cornwall-area school district: Cornwall Central School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Cornwall District Curriculum

The district offers a variety of subjects to its pupils—both rigorous and exploratory. Curriculum maps exist for the following subjects, for the appropriate grade levels: arts (K-12); business (9-12); computers and technology (K-12); language arts (K-12); family and consumer science (5-8); foreign languages (5-12); health (5-12); library (K-12); mathematics (K-12); music—instrumental (K-8), general (K-8), chorus (5-8), strings (4-12), and music in our lives (9-12); physical education (K-12); science (K-12); social studies (K-12); and study skills (5).

Corwall Central High School’s (CCHS) graduation requirements meet the NYSED guidelines. Students must earn the following credits to graduate successfully from CCHS: English language arts (4), social studies (4), mathematics (3), science (3), foreign language (1), art or music (1), health (.5), physical education (2), and electives (3). CCHS also offers a variety of advanced placement (AP) and other accelerated courses.

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Chalk Talk: The Importance of School Clubs

A student’s role in school is to maintain and excel in academics. Students’ lives consist primarily of attending lessons, doing in-class work and homework, and possibly receiving tutoring services. However, it is important for the development of character and social competence that students also involve themselves in school clubs. Elementary schools can provide activities for its youth, such as garden and reading clubs. Middle and high school staff have an especially important job giving students plenty of social and exploratory opportunities, which are essential for adolescent development. Joining a club can cultivate leadership skills, promote positive decision-making, encourage student involvement, and foster curiosity and growth. Many clubs give students autonomy, which is essential for critical thinking and post-secondary preparation. Parents can encourage their children to join clubs and offer to volunteer when needed, by giving rides, buying supplies, or hosting an event. Communities should enhance their academic environment through the creation and maintenance of school clubs.