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Cullman District and Curriculum

We currently cover the following Cullman-area school districts: Cullman City Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Cullman District Curriculum

Cullman City Schools has climbed to second place in the state of Alabama’s rankings for excellent schools. The curriculum is centered
around core academics taught by innovative instructional approaches. Hands-on learning is a
large part of what makes up the instructional process in this school system. Using technology tools, such as laptops, iPods, iPads,
and Smartboards enhance the teaching and learning processes. Hands-on science, such as experiments, making models, manipulating and
observing objects facilitate in the students’ understanding of the concepts.

In Mathematics, manipulatives such as educational games, counting cubes, Algebra Tiles, Cuisenaire Rods, others assist the students
in actually seeing how mathematical concepts work. This helps them to build the foundation for more advanced analytic abilities and abstract
reasoning in the subject. Cullman City Schools believes in this type of instruction and employs it throughout the curriculum in the day-to-day activities,
as research shows children do indeed “learn by doing.”

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Keeping Informed: Recent Cullman Educational News

  • Technology Award - Cullman City Schools has won the Technology Award, given by the Consortium for School Network in the State of Alabama. This honor is bestowed upon the school that uses a variety of technological ways to impact the teaching and learning of the school community. Cullman City Schools' technology programs have proven to be stellar, as they have shown to be one of the best systems in the country to utilize technology in creative ways to aid in the students' readiness for the twenty-first century.
  • Great Place for Family - Cullman, AL was acknowledged in the national publication of BusinessWeek magazine for being the best place to raise children in Alabama. The size of the city is family friendly, as well as the location and many opportunities for families to thrive. Parks, recreation, jobs, and the high quality schools all played a factor in achieving this recognition.
  • East Elementary Becomes a Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School - With high performance and improvement goals and objectives, East Elementary in Cullman, AL is now a Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School. This School of Excellence has shown that initiatives for school improvement can be reached with hard work and dedication. There are nine categories of achievement that the schools must reach to receive this honor, such as student support, school organization, providing a rigorous curriculum, active involvement in teaching and acquiring knowledge, the integration and use of technology, leadership roles, community partners, and using assessments as indicators of knowledge attainment. East Elementary proved to meet all nine of these standards, and is to be commended on a job well done!

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Chalk Talk: The Role of the Principal

The principal of a school play many roles. They are a facilitator of the instructional process, trusting in the teachers as professionals to do the jobs required, yet monitoring and providing support and training for them, running the day-to-day school with the students to ensure their safety and productiveness in the classrooms. Principals also work with parents and serve as community liaisons, working with the central office with data, projections, and on county or city wide objectives.