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Denham Springs District and Curriculum

The Livingston Parish Public School system is responsible for all the public schools located in Denham Springs. The district is committed to offering students with a high quality education that meets the needs of the 21st century. The curriculum and instructional programs within the district are constantly evaluated for improvement and to meet the requirements of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. The community and parents are recognized as important stakeholders in the education of district students and are welcomed to participate as educational support.

We currently cover the following Denham Springs-area school district: Livingston Parish Public School.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Denham Springs District Curriculum

The Livingston Parish Public School system uses the Common Core Curriculum as approved by the State of Louisiana as the standard for coursework in the areas of Mathematics and English and Language Arts (ELA). In ELA, students focus on learning the English language through learning to read, write, speak and listen. The curriculum is progressive with students building on their skills grade by grade. Reading material includes both informational text and literature preparing students for the types of reading they may encounter on the job or in college. Students are expected to develop critical analysis skills in addition to be able to recognize the purpose of each text.

In Mathematics, students learn a finite number of core math subjects including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics and measurement. The goal is for students to be math literate by the time they graduate high school with the ability to apply what they have learned to higher math and to develop necessary quantitative and logical reasoning skills.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Denham Springs Educational News

  • District Scores - The Louisiana Department of Education recently released grades for overall district performance. The Livingston Parish Public School System received a grade of B holding steady from last year under the new modified 150 point system. School Superintendent John Watson stated that he was proud of the score achieved during the year of transition.
  • Top Principals Honored - The districts' top principals were recently honored at a special ceremony. The winning principals were Tommy Hodges, Principal of Doyle High School, Steve Link, Principal of Westside Junior High, and Madeline Miller, Principal of Freshwater Elementary School.
  • Teacher of the Year - Teachers of the Year winners were recently announced by the Livingston Parish Public School District. Emily Griffin, chemistry teacher at Live Oak High School won High School Teacher of the Year, Trixie Sheffield, special education teacher at Southside Junior High won Middle School Teacher of the Year and Bobby Blanchard, physical education teacher at French Settlement Elementary School was named Elementary School Teacher of the Year.

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