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Denison District and Curriculum

Denison Community School District serves about 2,250 students in four schools. Through the Iowa Core curriculum, students must have the ability to think critically, creatively, and constructively; this includes organizing information, making decisions, solving problems, reasoning, and knowing how to learn. The district provides Iowa Core Parent Guides to help parents understand the skills and understandings students are expected to acquire by the end of each grade level. In addition to a strong academic focus, the district also emphasizes the lessons learned from community service as well as participation in extracurricular activities.

We currently cover the following Denison-area school district: Denison Community Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Denison District Curriculum

Denison Community Schools’ curriculum vision is to develop and institute a curriculum that is challenging, cultivates lifelong learning, is meaningful, develops social responsibility, is grounded in each subject’s basic content, and develops thinking skills. Students must be able to make meaning out of what they learn, applying it to real world situations and making connections within content areas. Basic content skills students need to acquire include reading, writing, speaking, and listening; solving mathematical problems; utilizing technology; and applying core concepts from all the content areas.

The Math portion of the curriculum helps students master the fundamentals of solving a range of different types of math problems including numeric, geometric, algebraic. It requires that students work through word problems and be able to show their mathematical reasoning. By the end of middle school, topics that students work on include the number system, expressions and equations, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability. Each of these topics are offered as full year advanced math courses in high school.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Denison Educational News

  • Denison High Students Awarded - Outstanding Denison High School students in grades 9-11 were awarded during the Academic Awards. Students were awarded for excellence in the areas of math, industrial technology, science, language arts, business, family and consumer science, agriculture, world languages, performing arts, English Language Learning, instrumental music, visual arts, vocal music, and technology. Other awards were handed out to the Most Motivated Students, for the Dean’s Award, and to the top ten students from each of the three classes.
  • Denison High Hosts College Fair - The Denison High School Fine Arts Center and Gym recently hosted the Crawford County Area College Fair, which was open to all area high school seniors. The fair—hosted by the Iowa Association for College Admission Counseling—featured representatives from 65 colleges, universities, and military branches who discussed items such as admission requirements, campus visits, financial aid, specific majors, etc. Fine arts students were also given a special presentation on the college application process.
  • Denison Community Schools GEAR UP - Denison Community Schools has become one of 12 districts in Iowa to institute “GEAR UP,” Gaining Early Access and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs.” The project, which helps students get excited about their futures and see the postsecondary opportunities they may have, starts with all seventh grade students and follows them as they progress through school. Some of the goals of GEAR UP are to prepare students to complete a rigorous college predatory program, provide intensive supports to students, guide students through the process of applying to colleges, bridge the gap when it comes to minority and low-income students’ readiness.

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Chalk Talk: Books That Address Classroom Issues

There are many children’s books that address classroom issues. In “Arthur’s April Fool”, Binky bullied Arthur and threatened to punch him. During Arthur’s magic show, Binky volunteered to come on stage. He embarrassed Arthur, but he thought of an idea. He was going to saw him in half for his next trick; Binky ran away, and everyone laughed. Binky also became the victim of another April Fool’s Day joke from Arthur and his friends. In “Chrysanthemum”, written and Illustrated by Kevin Henkes, a set of parents named their perfect child Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum herself thought her name was “absolutely perfect” until she started school, and her classmates made fun of her name. Then she thought her name was “absolutely dreadful.” Things changed when all of her classmates learned that their musical teacher’s first name was also that of a flower. Mrs. Twinkle loved the name Chrysanthemum. Since they idolized Mrs. Twinkle, the girls suddenly wished they had long, flower-inspired names of their own.