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DeWitt, Iowa Tutoring Programs

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DeWitt District and Curriculum

Central DeWitt Community School District serves students in the towns of DeWitt, Welton, Low Moor, and Grand Mound. The district uses the Iowa Core Standards to guide instruction in all content areas and to implement overarching goals of the district. A new component of the Iowa Core Standards are the 21st century skills that students should be developing starting in elementary school. These skills include civic literacy, financial literacy, and health literacy and progress into skills that are critical for students college and career goals. Collaborative goals including community service and character education are also a part of the district’s mission.

We currently cover the following DeWitt-area school district: Central DeWitt Community School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the DeWitt District Curriculum

The district utilizes the TLC System, which allows teachers to partner with fellow educators in order to incorporate research-based instructional strategies with the ultimate goal of increasing student achievement. By emphasizing teacher leadership roles and areas for collaboration, the schools are able to provide more interdisciplinary learning opportunities which promote students understanding of the connection between topics and subjects. This also gives students a model for conducting their own academic inquiry.

Examples of instructional strategies include cooperative learning activities, comparing and contrasting, student-created questions and cues, and summarizing and note taking. Some specific activities that can implemented include think-pair-share (cooperative learning), T-charts and Venn diagrams (comparing and contrasting), thinking prompts (questions and cues), and story pyramids (summarizing and note taking). Central DeWitt’s instructional coaching team consists of instructional coaches, model teachers, and PD facilitators.

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Keeping Informed: Recent DeWitt Educational News

  • Central DeWitt Students Challenged to Plan, Prepare Family Meals - Central High and Middle schools’ family and consumer science teachers had their students help plan, prepare, and sit down to eat a healthy meal with their families. Students were asked to prepare three menu items for a meal, which could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and although they were asked to put thought into the food items, they didn't have to choose foods that were too challenging; although, since the task emphasized nutritious eating, desserts were to be avoided.
  • DeWitt Students Participate in ‘Hour of Code’ - When Central DeWitt’s media specialist found out there will be many more technology jobs available than the number of students majoring in computer science, she decided that all the district’s students must participate in the “Hour of Code,” which gives them the opportunity to try computer coding for an hour. This initiative reaches out to millions of children across the globe with the hopes of getting students interested in pursuing computer science. Students worked on different projects based on their grade level.
  • Central DeWitt’s PTO Highly Involved - Central DeWitt PTO President Mrs. Ellison said the PTO is great for all parents because they can be involved as much as their schedule allows. Some things that the PTO does include providing teachers with $50 on an annual basis to help alleviate some of their classroom expenses, holding a major fundraiser on a yearly basis, providing food to the teachers during the twice-yearly parent-teacher conferences, recruiting volunteers to help during school picture day and last-day-of-school festivities, hosting the very successful family fun night once a month, and giving pumpkins to the kindergarten classes to complete a variety of educational activities with.

DeWitt Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: Children’s Poetry Spotlight

Poetry is sometimes an underrated genre—especially when it comes to very young children. However, early readers can enjoy and understand poetry through Nikki Grimes’s Minnie ‘n Me: My Favorite Book. This is a book of rhyming poems about such relatable topics as a love of reading, the ocean, dreams coming true, telling fibs, the seasons, imagination, the first week of school, colors, arguments, and pets. As a bonus, the book also features lovely images of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. For older children, Shel Silverstein offers easily accessibly poetry that is wonderfully illustrated. His poetry can be both silly and serious, and children tend to love the rhymes and funny ideas that Silverstein brings to life.