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Dothan, Alabama Tutoring Programs

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Dothan District and Curriculum

In grades K-12, the framework for learning in the Dothan City School District incorporates Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Music, Art, Technology, World Languages, and Physical Education. This standards-based curriculum is assessed in a variety of methods to show student mastery of content. Instructed by highly qualified educators, the curriculum addresses equity and access for each student.

Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics is an accredited national math program utilized by Dothan City Schools to aid in the development of the critical thinking skills which are vital to be successful in mathematics. These skills are made up of knowledge (intuitive and flexible), validating mastery in a myriad of ways to decipher difficult problems, assimilating various theories (grasping well-thought out concepts, practices, and associations), showing fluency in calculated mathematical operations (skills in the diffusion of knowledge through certain mathematical procedures), and life-long thinking habits (the way of viewing math as being meaningful and worthwhile in life). Each of these important goals will help each student understand the topics of math.

The Language Arts curriculum is intended to address the importance of being a literate person in our world. Dothan City Schools has a goal that every student becomes fluent in reading and comprehending a multitude of literary forms. Having a deep knowledge of language arts, and understanding that it is used for purpose and enjoyment will provide the means for success for every child in Dothan City Schools. Pupils who are competent readers and writers have an appreciation for literary works that comes naturally, and they develop the ways in which to express their own ideas.

We currently cover the following Dothan-area school district: Dothan City Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Dothan District Curriculum

Dothan City Schools recognizes the need for each student to have a reflective and analytical knowledge of science. Aligned to the state standards, the new Alabama Course of Study: Science (Bulletin 2005, No. 20), presents scientific literacy as one of the central goals of students’ science education. This framework details a more demanding, hand-on approach to teaching core and innovative science concepts. Beginning in the primary grades where the solid foundation for critical thinking is created, the students will grow in their understanding of science.

The students’ appreciation for past events in history, and demonstrating the ability to reflect on these events in order to make sound decisions for the future, is a goal of Dothan City Schools. The school system requires each student to have a deep understanding of the importance of social studies/history, and the relationship of this understanding to future events. Dothan City Schools follows the accredited standards of Alabama, which will scaffold the students to become inquisitive and logical thinkers capable of making confident decisions about the world and its people while also preparing them to be productive members of society.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Dothan Educational News

  • Youth Leadership Forum - An 11th grade student from Dothan High was recently recognized for his strong academic achievement and perserverence in his educational goals at The National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine. This program is designed for students who are interested in becoming community leaders for providing medical excellence.
  • Exceptional Student Services - The district provides a strong support network for students who require additional supports for learning. The curriculum design provides for scaffolds and instructional styles that help students learn, and the ESS Program serves students to provide them with the necessary learning tools.
  • Magnet Schools - The district provides students with the option to enroll in a magnet program in which their learning is focused on subjects like arts or technology that are important and engaging to students. Throughout the district, the magnets are available to students at the elementary and middle school levels. The outcome of these educational settings are increased student engagment and achievement.

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