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Du Quoin District and Curriculum

The Du Quoin Community Unit School District uses the Illinois Learning Standards (ILS) as the basis for teaching and learning. The Illinois Learning Standards provides detailed objectives about what students should know and be able to do each year, and presents these objectives in a scaffolded manner so that students develop their skills each year. Students also can take Advanced Placement, dual credit options, and career/technical courses in high school that use career and college-level curricula to guide the learning process. Within each of these curricular models, critical and creative thinking skills are emphasized.

We currently cover the following Du Quoin-area school district: Du Quoin Community Unit School District #300.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Du Quoin District Curriculum

The Math curriculum is aligned to the nationally-recognized Common Core Standards. The Common Core provides a series of standards for K-12 math learning that build student ability in the areas of numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, modeling, and functions. Under each topic, key learning objectives that represent the skills and mathematical reasoning students should develop are given. More advanced math such as statistics and pre-calculus also have objectives that detail what problem-solving skills students should acquire.

The Language Arts curriculum is also based on Common Core Standards and detail student learning in reading, writing, speaking and listening, and media and research skills. The reading strand has a new emphasis on non-fiction works so that students are successful readers in all subject areas. Analytic skills are taught with the different types of text in mind so that a student may interpret meaning in a literary work, they also can evaluate bias and intent in a non-fiction text. In the writing strand, students are taught to write for a variety of purposes.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Du Quoin Educational News

  • Art Club - Students in the Art Club help bring more art into the daily lives of students at DHS. They attend events and do face-painting, collaborate on school-wide art exhibits, and have time to work on different medium in the school's art facilities.
  • FCCLA - The FCCLA is a national organization that promotes community involvement in young people. Focusing on what each individual can do in their community, the FCCLA supports students who want to start outreach or service projects.
  • Spanish Club - Students who are taking Spanish courses can also take the opportunity to join the Spanish Club, which promotes cultural and language awareness through events during the year. They also offer students the chance for cultural exchange and support students interested in foreign exchange programs.

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Chalk Talk: Common Core Standards

The Common Core Standards are outlined for English language arts and mathematics, but they also describe how literacy should be incorporated into other core content areas, such as science and social studies. As of 2016, the majority of public schools in the U.S. have fully implemented the Common Core Standards. Most states have adopted standards that tie together the national Common Core with standards that are applicable to their state; for example, schools in Pennsylvania have incorporated the Pennsylvania Core Standards. There are also national standards in areas such as math, science, and technology; although these are not required to be implemented in schools, many choose to include them in the curriculum in some way.