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Dunwoody, Georgia Tutoring Programs

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Dunwoody District and Curriculum

The DeKalb County Schools are committed to the development of an all-encompassing curriculum structure that strives at promoting ever higher learning expectations for not only its teachers but also each and every one of the district’s students. This approach will result in more meaningful student learning experiences and more proficient skill development. This curriculum would be best designated as a thoughtful curriculum. It is designed to incorporate content and skill practice, while illustrating real world situations that students will face in their daily lives.

We currently cover the following Dunwoody-area school district: DeKalb County School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Dunwoody District Curriculum

This district tries to teach in a way that guarantees that each student is learning the same skills regardless of the teacher that they are assigned. Through this approach there will be no gaps in student learning. Each teacher will be responsible for the using the same material instructional materials as their counterparts based on the subject and grade that they are teaching. This district offers a variety of courses in various areas of learning. Through this variety they hope to reach students by giving them the chance to explore their own unique interests.

The district Math curriculum covers fundamental areas including algebraic operations, numerical operations, statistics and probability, and geometry and measurement. For Science the curriculum offers areas of study including Space Science, Stars in Our Universe Earth, Earth Structures and Space and Time. In English/Language Arts the areas covered include Reading Application, Literary Analysis of Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Non-Fiction, and Research Projects.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Dunwoody Educational News

  • Success for All - DeKalb School System implements the Success for All. This is a program that offers support to teachers and students and assists in improving fundamental reading skills. The Success for All, curriculum includes creative reading lessons that are delivered both school-wide and in 90-minute group reading sessions. This curriculum also includes regular assessments of student progress and one-on-one tutoring for those needing extra help. The program also provides extensive support and training for teachers. The Success for All reading program was introduced in 1987 at Johns Hopkins University and now currently serves schools in forty-six states.
  • SCRIPPS National Spelling Bee - A Georgia State Spelling Bee Champion and DeKalb School District student has earned a spot in the nation's most elite spelling bee. This student who has just completed eighth grade contributes her success to reading and studying various words. The SCRIPPS competition gathers only the brightest speller's from each state to compete in its annual competition.
  • PASCH Program - Two DeKalb County Schools have joined the German PASCH Program. DeKalb County Schools will be the first schools in the history of Georgia to join the prestigious German PASCH Program. This is an international schools partnership program. Students who achieve the highest level of this examination are certified to have achieved language proficiency at the level necessary to enroll in University Studies in Germany. If the students choose to attend college in Germany, they are eligible to study at the undergraduate or graduate level in Germany. For the first time Georgia students have scored higher on this exam than students in any other public school in the United States.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

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When children are teased excessively over the internet it is referred to as Cyber-Bullying. There are measures that parents can take if they feel that their child is being bullied. First of all, young children should not have social media sites, or it should be overseen by the parents. This includes middle school students. Middle school is a tough time for children without adding to that the chance of being bullied online. Secondly, keep track of what is happening on your child's social media site can be helpful. This is not snooping it is parenting. Finally, if you see signs of bullying then you need to talk with your child, and support them as the situation is handled.

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