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Estherville District and Curriculum

There are many individuals who are responsible for the curriculum at Estherville Lincoln Central. For English, math, social studies, and science, there is at least one curriculum director for each grade level from 5 to 8 and three total for the high school level. For English language arts, one individual heads reading, while another leads the language arts side. There is a sixth grade enrichment leader for math as well as a middle school interventionist for students who struggle with math. There are also curriculum leaders in the areas of fine arts, career development, health and physical education, and Spanish.

We currently cover the following Estherville-area school district: Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Estherville District Curriculum

The high school Math curriculum introduces a higher level of rigor into the expectations but uses what students have learned during elementary and middle school as the basis for these advanced operations and functions. High school math is organized around Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Modeling, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Students work with equations and inequalities and are taught how to reason using either function in their problem-solving method. They are also expected to demonstrate how they arrived at an answer.

Students also learn how to build and interpret geometric and trigonometric functions. They are taught how to create and use linear, quadratic, and exponential models to help solve problems that require extrapolation. Students also build mathematical models to forecast or predict needs or outcomes. For instance, students may be asked to figure out how much water is needed for 1 million people during an emergency situation and how it would be distributed. By focusing on problems like these, educators are able to provide a real world context for the math.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Estherville Center Educational News

  • Estherville Students to Attend Honor Choir - Students from Estherville Lincoln Central will join students from eight other high schools and 160 students total to perform together at the Heartland Honor Choir held at Iowa Lakes Community College. The students are well-rehearsed, as the music was chosen several months prior. The mass choir will be conducted by Dr. Kurt Runestad, who conducts the internationally-touring Doane Choir.
  • ELC Breaks Ground on Demoney Elementary Renovations - Recently, Estherville Lincoln Central held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate renovations and additions, which include new classrooms for kindergarten and first grade, a new gym, and a new library, to Demoney Elementary. By the time the project is complete in fall 2016, the district will be situated on one campus.
  • Demoney Celebrates National Reading Month - Demoney Elementary celebrated National Reading Month with the goal of cultivating a love for reading. The month’s activities included students reading Dr. Seuss books and completing related projects during “Read Across America Day” and Skyping author Marianne Richmond on “World Read Aloud Day.” Students also listened to volunteers from the community read aloud to them.

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Chalk Talk: Children’s Literature Spotlight: Charlie and Lola

Lauren Child’s series that centers on brother and sister Charlie and Lola includes charming photographic backgrounds with drawn, child-like characters in front of the backgrounds. In I Want to be Much More Bigger Like You, Lola would like to be taller so that she can ride the “Super Dooper Loop the Looper,” so she tries to“think” being taller to see if she will grow. Charlie tells her that she cannot do this but that there are plenty of rides for smaller people. In the end, Lola has fun riding the Chug-a-Bugs, as she realizes that it's not always so bad to be little. Throughout the series of books, the siblings concoct many imaginary scenarios, have fun describing new things, and make the world seem more manageable.