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Falmouth District and Curriculum

Falmouth, which contains eight villages, is the second largest community located on Cape Cod. Falmouth Public Schools consist of seven schools and 3,500 students. There are four elementary schools with grades K-4, two middle schools—one with grades 5-6 and the other containing grades 7-8, and a high school. The district’s mission is for students to be engaged in their learning and become lifelong learners, and this revolves around three core beliefs: the continuous improvement of educators and students, an enthusiasm for learning, and collaboration amongst both teachers and learners.

We currently cover the following Falmouth-area school district: Falmouth Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Falmouth District Curriculum

Falmouth Public Schools’ curriculum aligns with the Common Core Standards and the 2011 Massachusetts Curriculum Framework. The Office of Curriculum and Instruction reviews the curriculum on a yearly basis to ensure that it matches up to the standards, best instructional practices, and mission and core beliefs of the district. The Director of Curriculum and Instruction works with principals, assistant principals, curriculum directors, and teachers in designing the curriculum.

Falmouth uses a balanced literacy approach, adopting the Reading Street program in every K-6 classroom. Students receive instruction in spelling, fluency, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, speaking, reading, and listening. This literacy program supports both the general and special education classroom and incorporates technology. In 2009, as part of a grant, the district began implementing the Keys to Literacy program, with the three focus areas being reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and the responses to open-ended questions.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Falmouth Educational News

  • Several Falmouth Students Win Awards for Their Art and Writing - Falmouth High School students took home a total of 22 awards at the annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Four students earned gold keys and the opportunity to compete in the national rounds of this competition, as well as have their work displayed at Boston’s City Hall.
  • FHS Students Work to Eliminate Plastic Bottles - A group of Falmouth High School students are involved in a STEM-based project in which they have to research and solve a real world issue. The students decided to research plastic use and wrote a proposal to their principal to reduce the use of plastic bottles, which are sold in the school’s vending machines. In an attempt to reduce the amount of water bottles that are used, the group placed a water filling station in the school’s lobby and sold refillable water bottles with the FHS logo to fund the station.
  • Woodworking Students Sell Their Chairs - Students in an advanced woodworking class at Falmouth High School constructed traditional Adirondack chairs and sold them in an effort to raise funds for new tools and hardware. Their second-year teacher got the idea from his father, a carpentry teacher at a vocational school. Students take their work in the class seriously and recognize that their hands-on and fundraising experiences can land them jobs in the future.

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Chalk Talk: Being a Lifelong Learner

Looking at mission statements of many schools across the United States, several of them strive for their students to be “lifelong learners.” This means that they do not want children just to go to school because they have to, memorize information simply so that they can do well on a test, and solely look at letter grades as being meaningful. Schools want their students to love learning and be intrinsically motivated to learn—not just to ace their tests. Students should understand that they can read books and reputable web resources to obtain information, and they should so these things on their own when they want or need to know or understand something. They should also carry these skills throughout their life—far beyond graduation. However, students should not be the only lifelong learners; the educators should be as well. Teachers who want to provide their students with the best instruction possible should be motivated to continually learn about their profession, including best practices, as the learning does not stop after teacher candidates graduate from college.