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Fort Lauderdale District and Curriculum

The K-12 core curriculum for Fort Lauderdale schools includes Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Music, Art, World Languages, Physical Education, Driver’s Education, and ROTC. Advanced academics are also incorporated into the core curriculum including dual enrollment, gifted, and GEM (Great Explorations in Mathematics) courses. The Broward County Core Curriculum for Math provides support and guidance for students as they learn grade-level math concepts. Based on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, the Math curriculum offers the most up-to-date, research-based materials, strategies and technology possible for their digital learners.

We currently cover the following Lehigh Acres Lakes-area school district: Broward County Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Lehigh Acres Lakes District Curriculum

The Science curriculum supports the belief that science allows students to discover and add to their perception of how the world works through scientific research and study. The curriculum also provides students with opportunities to analyze information, collect scientific data and observe the physical evidence of natural phenomena. These methods include experimentation that simulates natural phenomena under controlled conditions.

The Magnet Program for Broward County Schools provides students with a variety of program choices. Parents and students can choose between diverse program themes for elementary, middle school, and high school. The magnet school themes for the Broward school district include Environmental Science, Health & Wellness, Science & Technology, Communications/ Broadcast Arts, Medical Sciences and Military Academy. Parents can find a Broward County Magnet School that will be the perfect match for their student’s interests.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Lehigh Acres Lakes Educational News

  • Beachside Montessori Village - At Beachside Montessori Village Elementary Magnet the Montessori approach offers a “prepared environment” that gives students both structure and independence. The students in mixed-age group classes learn how to put in order an attractively structured classroom filled with carefully created educational materials. The famous “Montessori Method” of learning is successful in discovering each child’s uniqueness. The method also enables students to progress according to their interests, abilities, and development in a “prepared environment.”
  • International Affairs & Business Magnet - At the McNicol Middle School magnet the International Affairs and Business Program, gives students the chance to become skillful in a second language. The students also have the opportunity to become well-informed regarding different cultures and world affairs. The setting is referred to as partial immersion as students learn languages and to value other people and their countries. They learn how to do this through the study of other countries foods, customs, music, language, and history. Students are prepared for the international workplace through classes in marketing, business, and finance.
  • Hallandale High School - Hallandale High School has a Communications/Broadcast Arts Magnet that offers multiple communicating methods. These methods cover audio, video, graphics and text communication. To complete their chosen projects students learn to operate state-of-the-art equipment including a recording studio, a professional on-campus television studio, remote cameras, still cameras, a web design lab and a comprehensive computer graphics lab. This program is an outstanding choice for students who have an interest in newspaper journalism, television, radio, computer graphics, web design, public relations, or advertising.

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