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Fowler District and Curriculum

The school district in Fowler takes an objectives-based approach to how students are taught in that there are clear grade-level expectations for students to meet. These expectations can be accomplished through many different approaches to how students are taught, teachers can use inquiry and independently guided learning methods, or experiential and project-based approaches. The clearly articulated expectations allow for transparent assessments which are accomplished through statewide testing, formal and informal classroom assessments, and portfolio or other authentic assessments.

Math and Science have become curricular areas that are emphasized in the schools and the number of offerings in these subjects have increased so that students are well-prepared for college and career goals. Beyond the basic math and science knowledge and problem-solving skills, students are taught processes to use to study these subjects in a process-oriented manner. Students are increasingly expected to tie the projects they work on in these classes to other areas of learning in an effort to drive innovative thinking.

We currently cover the following Fowler-area school district: Fowler Unified School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Fowler District Curriculum

Language Arts has been designed to provide students with the reading, writing, and communication skills they will need to accomplish all their learning goals. Teachers instruct students in many different strategies for uncovering meaning and interpreting literature, and ways in which to evaluate informational texts. Students write extensively, and are expected to take a process-oriented approach to their writing. In class, students participate in workshops which use peer-editing and feedback to motivate revising and editing habits.

With the framework for learning in place from these core subjects, other content areas become more approachable and students are able to recognize areas in which they are interested in pursuing a career. Specialized programs are increasingly common in areas like media and communication, arts and technology, environmental sciences, and pre-engineering all of which allow students to focus their learning while also receiving the expected core curriculum experience.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Fowler Educational News

  • Solar Power Project - The Solar Power Project at Fowler High School is a live site streamed with information on the energy savings realized through the use of solar power. The tracking device tied to the information tells a viewer a relevant value to understand the savings, the carbon dioxide offset, and the amount of carbon dioxide and gasoline saved. The value of this project cannot be understated.
  • Casa Blanca Academy - Casa Blanca Academy is a small school that holds students to high curricular standards while also providing alternative learning techniques and strategies for individual needs. The goal is to achieve the highest standards for all students throughout the district, and the goal behind small school models is to provide the appropriate environments for the many district students. Beyond the regular teaching and learning, students independently guide their learning and also meet weekly with teachers in conference-style meetings.
  • ROP Department - The career-oriented programs provided through the ROP department have some of the innovative offerings that have proven to be highly successful in capturing students imagination and engagement. There are programs in criminology, virtual enterprises, multimedia communications, sports medicine, and others to suit a range of talents and interests and they are available to all students in the district.

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