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Georgetown District and Curriculum

Georgetown Public Schools contain four schools and roughly 1,700 students. The Office of Curriculum and Instruction oversees the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, strategic planning, professional learning and development, and the implementation of innovative educational initiatives. The Office’s duties are to revise and align the curriculum to the standards, design a curriculum that is research-based, provide appropriate professional development to teachers, and direct Title 1 and ELL programs. Georgetown has proven its excellence in academics, as it earned a spot on the list of the top 25 schools in the Boston area in 2014.

We currently cover the following Georgetown-area school district: Georgetown Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Georgetown District Curriculum

The district has several curricular goals: to put students and all aspects of their growth first; to promote excellence in academics and be innovative; to foster pride in the school district and its students, the community, the nation, and the world; to provide a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that develops critical thinking and problem solving skills in students; to cultivate lifelong learners who become productive citizens; to create a strong partnership with parents and the community that supports the achievement and dreams of students; to emphasize 21st century skills; and to welcome diversity in students.

The district’s curriculum is vertically aligned and standards-based, incorporates formative and summative assessments, integrates technology, differentiates instruction, incorporates tiered instruction and interventions for struggling students, and follows an Understanding by Design model. This helps to tie together the different subject areas for students and progress with each at a pace that allows students to master more complex topics each year. Each subject is organized by its major topics and specifies the skills and knowledge central to each topic.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Georgetown Educational News

  • GMHS Band Debuts New Uniforms in Disney - The Georgetown High marching band not only had the privilege of performing at Disney World but also was able to do so in brand new uniforms. The band finally received its shiny new uniforms after a year of hard work in terms of fundraising efforts by the GMP (Georgetown Music Parents) group. The uniforms were long overdue—they were replaced for the first time since 1972.
  • Georgetown Student Groups Excel - The GHS concert band earned a silver medal--the highest honor the school ever received--at the Massachusetts Instrumental and Choral Conductors Association Concert Festival. In addition, Georgetown's DECA group was represented by six students at the International Career Development Conference in Orlando; the competition had 16,000 attendees.
  • Georgetown Ranks No. 1 in AP Scores - Georgetown High ranked first out of all Massachusetts school districts in the percentage of AP students who had a score of at least 3 on their AP exams. Georgetown saw 97.4 percent of its students who took the exams earn a score of at least 3, with the state average being 68.4 percent. A score of at least 3 on AP tests is important, as it is typically the score students need to qualify for college credits and placement.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: What Do Students Learn in Geography?

Geography is a branch of the social sciences dedicated to the study of land and its features. Geography concepts are typically interwoven into elementary social studies classes. In middle school, geography may continue to be intertwined into social studies classes, or an entire course may be devoted to the study. By high school, there is not as much emphasis on geography, as students are expected to have already mastered most geography concepts. Knowledge of geography concepts provides a solid foundation for success in social studies. Perhaps one of the most important geography skills students learn is how to read maps; this includes recognizing directions, identifying capitals and major cities, differentiating between different types of landforms, and understanding longitude and latitude. Other geographic concepts include landforms (oceans, deserts, deltas, glaciers, mountains, peninsulas), physical human characteristics of places, the understanding of different scales, and physical and human processes that impact the environment.