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Glenside, Pennsylvania Tutoring Programs

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Glenside District and Curriculum

The school districts serving Glenside take great efforts to provide their students with the best education that they can. This includes all students whether they have special needs or abilities. Students who are learning English as their second language can receive the help that they need to do well in an English speaking school. Special education and Gifted students also receive the extra instructional emphases that they need. Students therefore receive a balanced and well rounded education during their time in school.

We currently cover the following Glenside-area school districts: Abington School District and School District of Cheltenham Township.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Glenside District Curriculum

Educators in Glenside use standardized exams to verify that their classes are providing students with the knowledge that they need to show proficiency in Core topics. While students learn in many ways and from many teachers, they all take these PSSA and Keystone exams to level the playing field and help teachers, parents and students identify areas where students need more assistance.

Besides these core classes, students are taught in the areas of technology and computers, how to use the library, science, health education, safety education, physical fitness education, social studies, world languages, and many more key areas of learning. In addition, the district has developed a Technology in the Elementary Core Curriculum that focuses on modeling and simulations, communication, research, and teacher productivity in relation to technology in each grade level. For example, in terms of simulations, students use software to create line plots and demonstrate their understanding of area and perimeter.

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Chalk Talk: The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

In order for students to function at their optimal level, it is important that they get enough sleep. It has been noted that driving sleep deprived can be as dangerous as driving under the influence. With that in mind, it is easy to see that sleep deprived students cannot perform at their best. Along with this, sleep deprivation can cause symptoms of depression. It can also lower the immune system so students get sick easier and find it more difficult to shake even an average cold. Lack of sleep causes slowed reflexes so that response time and thinking time takes longer, which is a cycle that can either repeat or deepen the negative effect of. This makes class more difficult as well as homework completion. With all of these considerations it is easy to see how important it is for students to get a good night’s sleep.