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Gloversville District and Curriculum

The Gloversville Enlarged School District educates the 3,100 students in the district. The schools’ primary mission is to empower students to achieve success as learners and as citizens. The Gloversville Enlarged School Districts follows the state mandated Common Core Curriculum and is focused on reaching and surpassing those standards. The curriculum model followed uses strands of knowledge to delineate and detail the major areas of learning and help instill them in students over the course of their education.

We currently cover the following Gloversville-area school district: Gloversville Enlarged School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Gloversville District Curriculum

Elementary students begin with the essentials of Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and English and Language Arts. In middle school, students are organized into different wings by grade in a team like approach. Middle school students are required to enroll in a foreign language including French, Latin, or Spanish. In middle school, students that qualify may take Regents level Math and Science courses and earn high school credit. High School students prepare for their required Regents exams in Math, Science, World History, U.S. History, and English Language Arts.

The high school program is geared toward providing a comprehensive program preparing students for work in the labor force and for further educational studies. Qualified students can take advanced placement courses in academics. Gloversville High School is also one of two schools that offer a pre-engineering program for qualified students called Project Lead the Way.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Gloversville Educational News

  • Parent Access Portal - The Gloversville High School and Gloversville Middle School is now offering a Parent Access Portal where parents can gain access to their student’s attendance record, grades, and school schedule. To gain access, parents or legal guardians can fill out an online form or sign up at the Central Registrar’s office at the GMS Central Administration campus. In addition to grading information, parents can also see interim comments made by the teachers of each class taken by the student.
  • Interim Principal - The Gloversville Enlarged School District Board of Education has moved to fill the job of Principal for the Park Terrace Elementary School which became vacant with the retiring of Stephen Pavone. An Interim Principal, Kathy Dougherty has been appointed by the Board of Education to serve until a search committee is appointed and gets underway to find a permanent principal for the school. This also offers an opportunity for community involvement in the process.
  • Principal Evaluation Survey - A Principal Evaluation Survey mandated by the New York State Education Department is being conducted in the Gloversville School District. To conduct the survey, the District is working with K12 Insight, an independent research firm. The survey which is being answered by parents, students and school staff, evaluates principals in terms of vision, management, collaboration, advocacy and curriculum.

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