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Gonzales District and Curriculum

The curriculum used in the Gonzales Unified School District was designed with the purpose of preparing students to be able to encounter challenges and solve them, and to be thoroughly prepared for academic pursuits in college and graduate school or for entry into the workforce. This is accomplished by laying out clear goals, measuring student and instructional successes and weaknesses, and by providing students with classes which will excite their curiosity.

Language Arts and Math are overseen by the Common Core Standards, which has become a set of standards adopted around the country because of the way in which they detail the essentials of these foundational subjects. From kindergarten on, math education focus on operations and functions, expression and equations, and relational and reasoning strategies. These emerge through the deepening focus in subjects like Algebra and Geometry, preparing students for Trigonometry and pre-Calculus.

We currently cover the following Gonzales-area school district: Gonzales Unified School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Gonzales District Curriculum

The Language Arts education revolves around communication and literacy development. Students read all types of fiction genre as well as non-fiction, particularly as it relates to other subjects at school. In high school, the focus on non-fiction becomes stronger and students are also expected to do more in-depth analysis of literature. Writing is a key feature in the curriculum and students are expected to develop the habits of pre-writing, drafting, revising and editing.

Other subjects follow a similar structure of detailing key skills and major principles or concepts which students are expected to learn about. This is the knowledge base that serves students who enter a specialized track in high school, and prepare them for a specialized career after high school. For students who plan to attend college, the writing, problem-solving, and thinking strategies are in place for the advanced academics they will encounter at the post-secondary level.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Gonzales Educational News

  • GUSD Goes Green - Across the district, there has been an increased focus on environmental awareness. The Environmental Leadership Academy has been one of the many initiatives to bring rise to scientific knowledge about the environment for students. This Academy is established to provide a focused educational experience that uses projects and community-based activities to teach all students about environmental leadership. In weeklong courses for students in grades 6-8, all students in the district arrive at high school with a base of knowledge in this topic.
  • Media Center for Art Education & Technology - The Media Center for Art Education and Technology (MCAET) is a program designed to provide courses for high school students in the county who are interested in enrichment and skills-based courses in arts and technology. MCAET offers summer programs at local universities, culminating performances for participants, and partnerships with schools and community organizations that support creative, artistic uses of technology.
  • Developmental Assets - Developmental Assets is a focus of the Project Cornerstone which aims to develop youth talents and character. Developmental assets are the values, experiences and social bonds formed during a student's life. This is in the vein of a character education program but one which brings the focus out onto the ways in which entire communities impact the person a student develops into.

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