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Great Falls District and Curriculum

Great Falls Public Schools has over 10,000 students in grades pre-K through 12. The school system has a mission of excellence and to prepare all students for a successful future. Great Falls Public Schools has a core curriculum of two major courses, which are English Language Arts and Mathematics. Within these core classes, teachers follow the standards which have been developed by the Montana Office of Public Instruction.

We currently cover the following Great Falls-area school district: Great Falls Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Great Falls District Curriculum

In Reading in grades K-12, standards include knowing and applying phonics and analyzing words by using a variety of strategies to aid in decoding. Letter sounds, patterns in syllables, the knowledge of affixes are taught to assist the students in reading accurately. The students practice and develop their reading skills to be able to read fluently and at an appropriate pace. Understanding grade level text and increasing comprehension is also a benchmark skill.

In the Mathematics comprehensive curriculum, standards are comprised of solving problems of varying difficulties by mastering multi-step problem-solving methods. The students are taught how to use strategies, choose the best computational tools, and to generate ways to apply the correct solutions with precision. The teachers also instruct the students on how to communicate their process for solving problems orally, in writing, and by using mathematic models.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Great Falls Educational News

  • SkillsUSA Competition - The SkillsUSA Competition was held at Great Falls College Montana State University, and several Great Falls Public School students were a part of it. This industrial technology competition has various skills tests, such as welding, carpentry, and job interview competition. The students did a fine job in the competition and gathered the skills needed to compete in the state competition in Havre.
  • Spelling Bee - The Cascade County’s 2013 Spelling Bee proved to be successful for a North Middle School student. Her strategy was to be sure to ask for the definition of every word given to her to spell, and it paid off. The final winning word for the seventh grader was “burgundy.” Another student, a Lewis and Clark student, won second place in this county spelling competition. Both local students get to travel to Billings for the state competition.
  • TROOPS - Great Falls Public Schools have over 90 percent military dependent families. Therefore, there is a program in this county called TROOPS, which stands for Transition Resource Opportunities that are offered to Parents and Students. The US Defense Department has given a grant of over $670,000. to fund this program for military families. Support and programs are given to children and parents in the school system to deal with a parent being overseas, and it is in its second year.

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Chalk Talk: The Role of the Middle School English Teacher

The Middle School English Teacher not only instructs reading, but also teaches writing and oral language skills. The students write a variety of narrative, expository, and persuasive essays using the complete writing process. The teacher also exposes them to public speaking and guides them in the process of speaking in front of an audience, usually their peers. Many English teachers in the middle school setting also help with clubs, such as preparations for the spelling bee and yearbook. Some teachers also participate in clubs such as photography, creative writing, drama, book clubs, and forensics, or debate.