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Greenfield District and Curriculum

Greenfield Public Schools includes a total of five schools; one of the elementary schools is the Discovery School at Four Corners, which is described as a unique public innovation school. The middle school includes the Math & Science Academy for students in grades 4-7—this is a full school program that includes all the main content areas but that places a special emphasis on math and science. Additionally, the high school has an 8th Grade Academy that gives exceling eighth graders the opportunity to take yearlong high school-level courses in place of electives such as art and cooking.

We currently cover the following Greenfield-area school district: Greenfield Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Greenfield District Curriculum

Greenfield Public Schools have implemented the Common Core Standards into instruction. Additionally, the district has developed a set of Technology Integration Standards based on the Common Core Standards for English Linguae Arts. This is essentially a compilation of Common Core ELA Standards that are related to technology and encompass reading literature, reading informational texts, writing, writing in the technical subjects, speaking and listening, and language.

Greenfield’s 21st Century Learning Expectations for students include effective communication (in speaking and writing), critical thinking and problem solving, and the ability to use research methods and relevant technology. Greenfield High School offers several options for courses in art, communications and technology, English, math, music, social studies, science, health and wellness education, world language, and technical education studies. Many of these courses are unique for high school and focus on specific topics; some examples are Sustainable Power and Transportation, History of Popular Music, and Women in Fiction.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Greenfield Educational News

  • Greenfield Preschoolers Learn With Robots - The youngsters at Greenfield’s Academy of Learning have been using little yellow robots called Bee-Bots to learn skills such as sequencing, estimating, counting, and problem solving. One day, they estimated how many steps it would take the robots to go from the starting line to the finish line and then used measuring tape and counted exactly how many steps were taken.
  • Greenfield Schools Hold Open House Ahead of First Day of School - Prior to the first day of school for students, the Greenfield schools held open houses for students and parents to pick up class schedules and assignments. One new program that will be implemented for the 2014-15 school year at the middle school is “One School, One Read.” The idea was proposed by a former English teacher and involves every teacher and student in the school reading the same novel in the hopes of building a community of readers.
  • New Greenfield High School Opens - The first phase in the construction of the new Greenfield High was recently completed, and it opened its doors to students for the 2014-15 school year. There were 85,000 square feet of classroom space and interactive white boards built, and the next phase of the $66 million project involves the construction of a new gymnasium, auditorium, and science labs.

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Chalk Talk: What Do Fifth Graders Learn in ELA?

In English language arts, fifth grade students will have a more advanced knowledge of the craft and structure of literature, being able to determine the meanings of figurative language such as similes and metaphors in texts, understanding how chapters and stanzas fit together to contribute to the overall story, and recognizing how the narrator’s point-of-view influences the text. Fifth graders should not only understand how illustrations contribute to meaning but also to the tone and beauty of texts. Fifth grade is the final grade in which foundational skills play a role in literacy instruction; foundational skills should be at the highest level at this stage in students’ development. In writing, students’ ideas should be organized logically. In their writing, they should use linking words such as consequently, specifically, and in contrast, and the language used should be precise and domain-specific. With support from teachers and peers, students will engage in the full writing process: revising, editing, rewriting, and trying new approaches when necessary.