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Gustine, California Tutoring Programs

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Gustine District and Curriculum

Gustine Unified School District follows an objectives-driven design for their instructional process. The subject-specific objectives are within the grade-level expectations, which are targeted skills and knowledge that are appropriate for each grade level, and provide the building blocks to advanced learning.

In Math, students begin with numbers, quantities, operations, and measurement as some of the basic skills they master and move on to being able to express equations and inequalities, use mathematical models as they reason through problems, construct arguments, and recognize structures. In Science, the goal is to produce scientifically literate students who have a base of knowledge, awareness of scientific principles, and are grounded in the scientific process.

We currently cover the following Gustine-area school district: Gustine Unified School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Gustine District Curriculum

Language Arts serves as the foundation for literacy across content areas and to teach the essentials of the craft of writing. The rules of Standard English are taught and students are expected to use them in formal writing. Students are asked to write for a variety of purposes, and will learn strategies to brainstorm, outline, write, revise, and edit. During their many reading assignment, students will be asked to look for meaning and weigh the value of information.

Technology is increasingly central to the curriculum in all aspects. From using basic word processing software to write papers to creating robots for social benefits, students are using and innovating with technology. The opportunities which students have require that they are grounded in the core academics to be able to perform with the more in-depth topics.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Gustine Educational News

  • Outdoor School - The Jack L. Boyd Outdoor School is a program for students in grades 5 and 6 to participate in a week-long learning experience in environmental science. Beyond the science, themes of environmental leadership, responsibility and awareness are central. Students work on service projects and throughout the year there are opportunities for more learning and to participate in family-oriented activities.
  • Project 212 - Students at Gustine Middle School put their heads together and came up with a service-oriented club which shows just how important the local community is to the students. The Project 212 Club meets weekly to discuss matters of character and how to exhibit positvity in their daily school life, and also to pick a person who works at the school to honor each week.
  • Gustine Historical Society - The Gustine Historical Society offers students a place where they can conduct research into local history using primary source documents. This introduction to historical research can provide a world of insight into past eras, customs, and language. The collaborative potential between local history, the arts, and technological innovation has the potential of creating lasting projects that are important to the community.

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