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Hemet, California Tutoring Programs

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Hemet District and Curriculum

The schools in Hemet follow the curriculum that has been adopted by the California Department of Education called the Common Core Standards. The curricular framework provides a framework for the teaching of math and Language Arts. Statewide assessments are aligned to the objectives in the curriculum and teachers are able to use them to plan their instruction.

We currently cover the following Hemet-area school district: Hemet Unified School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Hemet District Curriculum

The broad topics are covered year by year and understandings deepen as learning progresses. The Language Arts curriculum covers reading of fiction and non-fiction, writing for a range of purposes, speaking, and listening skills. These literacy and communication skills are relied on in other subjects as well.

In Math, the curriculum describes the areas of numerical operations, geometry and measurement, algebra, and statistics and probability that students will develop each year. The Science curriculum provides a framework for teaching and learning in earth and life sciences, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and technology subjects. The design of the curriculum brings about the higher-order thinking skills that will prepare students for college.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Hemet Educational News

  • High School 101 - For students entering grade 9, the district provides an innovative program called High School 101. This is a full-year course that helps students build the skills they need to be successful in high school and understand the steps for applying to college.
  • Advanced Placement - One sign of academic strength in a district is the number of AP courses offered at the high school. Hemet High School can boast 18 individual courses - ranging from AP Calculus to AP Music Theory - that can provide an untold benefit to college-bound students.
  • The Arts - Students in the Hemet Unified District have a number of opportunities to integrate the arts into their education. There is a performing arts academy, an art club and an art guild. All these opportunities provide artistically inclined students with a range of directions in which to take their talents.

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