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Hingham District and Curriculum

Hingham Public Schools are comprised of a little more than 4,000 students in six schools. There are four K-5 elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. The schools place great emphasis on academic achievement, personal growth, respect, and the community. Hingham Public Schools have produced curriculum summaries for each grade level that provide a description of the instruction and learning for each content area. The district has also created an interactive math website designed for the elementary grades that provides engaging activities, games, and links for each grade level related to what the students are learning in math.

We currently cover the following Hingham-area school district: Hingham Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Hingham District Curriculum

The district has developed an Assessment Continuum to describe the different types and levels of assessment: formative classroom assessments are used at the classroom level; occur frequently throughout a unit of study and check student understanding while the learning is occurring. Common formative assessments are designed collaboratively at the school level that allow teachers to compare data results and do progress monitoring which is a way of assessing students who need special supports on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

The district interim benchmark are district-level evaluations given at scheduled times of the year with the purpose of measuring students’ progress toward the standards and adjusting instruction as necessary and, district summative which are given district-wide as an end-of-year exam, and state summative which are state-based test that is norm-referenced, meaning students’ scores are compared against one another.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Hingham Educational News

  • Hingham Has Excellent Literacy Program - It is no coincidence that the majority of Hingham students earn proficient or advanced scores on the MCAS standardized assessment with the top-notch literacy program and educators they have been exposed to. The teachers work to provide challenging and interesting learning experiences for the students, and the program is very unique in that it prepares students to write at the college and business levels. Literacy at Hingham develops language and thinking skills in unison and is literature-based in that it requires a great deal of reading and writing—sometimes lost in many modern day reading programs that focus heavily on skills.
  • Hingham High School Opens Greenhouse - Hingham High School has added a truly unique 21st century learning resource when it held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new greenhouse, which was five years in the making. The greenhouse will be open to the community and will give students exciting STEM opportunities, such as being able to compare and contrast food production methods like organic gardening, hydroponics, and aquaponics. Hingham is already advanced in this area, having been noted for its award-winning composting program; the school has a garden with rich soil that allows for organic gardening.
  • Editorial: A Hingham Student’s Perspective on Starting High School - An incoming freshman wrote in a local newspaper as a guest columnist her wise-beyond-her-years thoughts about entering the new territory that is Hingham High School. The bright young writer said that although there are many negative stereotypes associated with high school and it may be scary, to think positively about this new chapter in a kid’s life and that fear is not always a bad thing. She wrote about her mixed feelings with regards to leaving middle school; although she is excited about the increased freedom that will be afforded to her, this freedom is also a bit frightening, as it forces kids to grow up and be responsible.

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Chalk Talk: Educators, Meet ERIC

Research is an absolutely vital part of education; if educators and administrators are not keeping up-to-date with instructional practices, their instruction will not be current, and they will not be providing their students with the best education possible. Additionally, if teachers would like to explore using a specific instructional method but are unsure about it, they can research the topic and read how the method worked in other real-life classrooms. ERIC (Education Resource Information Center) is one of the best education research databases. Online databases provide the most legitimate academic research and compile this research from scholarly journals. Upon entering ERIC, the user can put in the desired search terms. He/she has the options of including only peer-reviewed or full text articles in the search results. Peer-reviewed articles are the best of the best because they have been read and verified by several experts in the field, so the research has been deemed valid and reliable.