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Hull District and Curriculum

Hull Public Schools is a small school district consisting of about 1,200 students. Hull High has been named as a “National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence,” being recognized on the AP Honor Roll for Expanding Opportunity and Improving Performance for AP Students. Hull Public Schools have developed a comprehensive Curriculum Guide. This Curriculum Guide first states the curriculum vision: “Working together, the Hull Public Schools will provide and engage in professional development that supports staff to understand and address the learning needs of all students. Collegial discussions will occur about curriculum, instruction, and assessment to understand and apply best practices to improve student achievement.”

We currently cover the following Hull-area school district: Hull Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Hull District Curriculum

The curriculum documents includes information about the increase in daily instructional time to support continuous academic improvement, the Hull Public Schools Pathway to College & Career Readiness for 21st Century Learners Goals and their learning expectations, as well as the timeline for curriculum revision for each content area (includes “unpacking,” design and implementation, review, and monitoring on a rotating basis). To achieve these goals, the schools are increasing the amount of hands-on, collaborative learning opportunities for students.

There is also information on the Common Core Standards and the upcoming PARCC assessment, an explanation of the steps to generating a standards-based curriculum within the school district, information on new curricular programs in various content areas, high school course descriptions, and whole-school rubrics and grade-level expectations for each subject area. Each subject has a clearly delineated grade-by-grade series of expectations. The main topics of a subject, for instance in Math, main topics include algebraic thinking, geometry and measurement, data analysis, and operations, are built upon throughout each child’s education.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Hull Educational News

  • Art Students Help Young Women Create Memories through the 'Memory Project' - Recently, eight Hull High art students created portraits of girls aged 17 to 19 who live in India. These portraits were special because these girls, being either neglected, orphaned, or disadvantaged, had very little in the way of possessions. The portraits were sent to the "Memory Project" headquarters in Wisconsin, where they would then be hand-delivered to the Indian girls.
  • Hull High Students Help Teach Youngsters about Composting and Fresh Produce - Jacob Elementary students watched as older students from Hull High worked in the soil, building a garden. Soon, the students would be able to eat homegrown radishes, garlic, spinach, and carrots from the garden. A Hull High student thought up the garden project to help teach the youngsters about composting, as the children composted remains from their lunch, such as apple cores, to create fertilizer for the garden.
  • Hull Holds Six-Day Week to Make Up Snow Days - With a record-setting winter coming to a close in Massachusetts, Hull Public Schools found themselves with ten snow days needed to be made up. Instead of having students attend school deeper into the summer, teachers and parents decided it would make more sense to hold Saturday sessions as make-up days.

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Chalk Talk: Teaching Habitats to Young Children through Dioramas

One important item that young children learn in science is about animals and the habitats they live in. One way to give students a visual representation of habitats and have them engaged in a hands-on activity is to have them create a diorama of a specific habitat. A diorama usually portray a particular scene or setting inside a shoebox. Teachers may assign each student or group of students a habitat that they have to portray. They should then research their habitat and create it in their shoebox. They should accurately include the animals they would see as well as aspects of nature. They may show effects of climate or activities the animals may be doing. Students can use any materials they would like. They can use little toy animals they attach in their dioramas (knowing they may not get them back) or draw them. All the students can present their habitat dioramas and everyone can get a close look at each one. Examples of habitats may include frozen tundra, oceans, lakes, swamps, dams, jungles, deserts, etc. Searching Google Images for "diorama habitat" brings up great examples.