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Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Tutoring Programs

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Huntingdon District and Curriculum

Huntingdon Area School District in Huntingdon, PA operates 3 schools including one elementary, one middle, and one high school. Huntingdon Area School District strives for excellence in providing its students with the necessary skills to be successful in life. The Huntingdon Area School District offers curriculum with clear standards, instruction, interventions, frameworks, and fair assessments. Students will participate in coursework from mathematics, English, science, social studies, visual arts, music, physical education and technology at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Honors or Advanced coursework is available at the high school level.

We currently cover the following Huntingdon-area school district: Huntingdon Area School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Huntingdon District Curriculum

The district supports the career and college readiness initiatives for its students. Based on the recent shift to the Common Core, the Huntingdon Area School District is committed to the PA Core Curriculum for English Language Arts and Mathematics. The PA Core Standards are real world relevant and offers a rigorous curriculum to produce high-quality learners ready for college, career, and life upon graduation.

The English language arts curriculum in Huntingdon explores many topics related to improved reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities. In the elementary grades, students engage in a study of literature, gaining valuable skills that allow them to improve their ability to read more complex works. Students are encouraged to ask questions about textual elements they don’t understand such as unfamiliar vocabulary words. Students also gain the ability to discern between different types of texts, from those that tell a story to those that deliver information.

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Chalk Talk: Common Core - Common Myths

The Common Core Standards have quickly become the national standards as over 43 states have adopted them as their English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics curriculum. There is also a firestorm of debate over Common Core as some local boards of education and parents nationwide are not exactly fans of the new standards. There are some common myths associated with Common Core. Some believe that adopting Common Core means that states’ are bringing down the standards or lowering the bar for students. Yet Common Core is built on rigorous and high level standards to produce college and career ready students upon graduation. Another myth is that the standards do not address content knowledge only skills. The core website touts the importance of both content as well as skills in both math and English Language Arts. Check out Common Core to learn more about the standards.