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Huntsville District and Curriculum

Huntsville City School’s academic program is comprised of a solid curriculum, and the core classes included are: Writing, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Music, Art, Technology, World Languages, and Physical Education. The students are assessed yearly on the state standards of Alabama in their core subjects.

Following the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ (NCTM), the Huntsville City School’s mathematics program lays a solid foundation beginning in Kindergarten and continues throughout the school years. By the end of grade 12, the student will have mastered skills, such as knowledge (adaptive and perceptive), showing proficiency in a sum of approaches, understanding various theories (grasping well-thought out concepts, processes, and associations), demonstrating fluency in measured procedures (skills in the transmission of knowledge through certain mathematical procedures in many ways), and life-long thinking habits (the way of seeing math as being purposeful and worthwhile in life).

The Language Arts curriculum gives each student the opportunity to be a fluent reader in all disciplines. Huntsville City Schools understands what it takes to become a well-read person in today’s society. The students are to meet the requirements of increased knowledge of reading and writing, and comprehension of numerous literary works is significant. Huntsville City Schools identifies that pupils who are successful readers and writers show a natural appreciation for reading itself, both for pleasure and for studying.

We currently cover the following Huntsville-area school district: Huntsville City Schools.

Schools in Huntsville include:

Monte Sano Elementary School is located on 1107 Monte Sano Blvd SE, Huntsville, AL 35801, Monte Sano Elementary School covers grades PreK-6 and can be contacted at 256-428-7300.  The mission of Monte Sano Elementary School is to Motivate, Succeed, and Excel. Students care taught a curriculum that includes a variety of learning activities to help accommodate different learning styles. Students take classes in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, and Physical Education. The curriculum taught by teachers at the school includes the learning standards set out by the Alabama State Department of Education. In mathematics, primary school students focus on building a strong foundation in mathematics. They practice problem solving, mathematical modelling, and mathematical reasoning. The standards set out by the Alabama State Department of Education also include the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The topics in mathematics include number sense, geometry, operations and algebraic thinking, and measurement and data. In earlier grades, students mainly focus on addition and subtraction, later moving up to multiplication and division. For more information on how SchoolTutoring Academy can help your child with Mathematics tutoring, please contact us.

Mountain Gap School is located on 821 Mountain Gap Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35803, Mountain Gap School covers grades PreK-8 and can be contacted at 256-428-7720. The mission of Mountain Gap School is to provide students with a safe and supportive environment where they can be challenged and achieve excellence in learning. Students are provided with a variety of exploration and enrichment opportunities. One of the initiatives that is implemented at the school is Project Lead the Way, which is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) initiative that is implemented in every school in the Huntsville City Schools District. This initiative promotes a curriculum that is activity, project, and problem based. Students at Mountain Gap School can also participate in the Greenpower Program. Student teams are challenged to design and build single seat electric cars, and then race them in local and international competitions. Participation in the program allows students to practice drafting, 3D modelling, and manufacturing. Project based learning is a great way for students to take the knowledge they learn in class and apply it to real world concepts. For more information on how SchoolTutoring Academy can help your child with 1-on-1 Science Tutoring, please contact us.

Virgil Grissom High School is located on 1001 Haysland Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35802, Virgil Grissom High School covers grades 9-12 and can be contacted at 256-428-8000. Virgil Grissom High School was established in 1969 and was named for Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, who was killed in the Apollo 1 fire at Cape Kennedy, Florida. The school was rebuilt in 2012 and had an enrollment of 1825 students in the 2015-2016 school year. In 2007, the school was named a Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. In 2015, Newsweek ranked Virgil Grissom High School has the second best high school in the state, and number 390 in the United States. The school offers a strong academic program, and offers the most Advanced Placement (AP) courses in the school district, including American Government and Politics, Biology, Calculus AB and BC, Chemistry, Computer Science, and more. Students at Virgil Grissom High School can also participate in a dual enrollment program, and take classes at Calhoun Community College, University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. In addition to the school’s strong academic program, students can also participate in some of the extracurricular activities offered by the school, such as football, basketball, volleyball and more. After attending High School, many students make the decision to attend a post-secondary institution. As part of the application process, most students decide to take the SAT or ACT tests. To find out more about how SchoolTutoring Academy can help with SAT and ACT preparation tutoring sessions, please contact us.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Huntsville District Curriculum

In grades K-12, Huntsville City School students learn, from the most basic to the advanced ways to become critical thinkers in science. The Science curriculum follows the revised Alabama Course of Study: Science (Bulletin 2005, No. 20). The standards of science are logical and concise in the expansion of the pupils’ understanding of science today. This curriculum incorporates hands on and brain-based methods of teaching basic and advanced science concepts.  The deep knowledge of scientific studies is required for successful graduates of the school system in an increasingly technological future.

Understanding past history and events of the present is the goal of Huntsville City Schools for the students. The students, having this appreciation, will grow to recognize what is presently happening in our local, state, country, and world politics. The social studies/history syllabi have a goal of facilitating students to grow into well-rounded scholars who show proficiency in making uniformed political and community decisions.

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I believe that an educator is someone who assists students in achieving their goals. Being educated provides empowerment to overcome mysteries in the world. An educator helps students realize their potential and focuses on improvement. Mistakes may occur but in the end, one’s goals are obtained.
Teach under the premise that students will enjoy subject matter in which they can find everyday relevance. Educators must find innovative methods in which students can learn if traditional methods are not working.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Huntsville Educational News

  • Huntsville City High School ROTC Gets Superior Ratings - Earning very high marks on the assessment of their unit, the Air Force JROTC trainers and cadets were congratulated at the school board meeting. The award was given for high achievement in several areas of evaluation. The proud AFJROTC instructor is Lt. Col. Hollis Bagley, and he has been credited for establishing a vibrant and loyal learning environment for his cadets, and for establishing excellent outreach programs for the city of Huntsville.
  • Huntsville Center for Technology Enters GreenPower Competition - Promoting advancement of engineering to students through a competition that involves creative design, building, and racing in the UK, The Greenpower Education Trust charity event works with over 500 schools in the UK. It has almost 30 annual events, and Huntsville’s Technology Center is the premier school in our country to become part of this event.
  • Academy of Science & Foreign Languages - The Academy of Science & Foreign Languages offers students an education that truly prepares them for a future in a global, technologically-rich environment. Students are able to focus in on diverse topics in science, while also developing new language skills. This school provides a small community to help students achieve their goals.

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About Huntsville, Alabama

The majority of Huntsville is located in Madison County, but it also extends in Limestone County and Morgan County. Before being called Huntsville, the city was called Twickenham, but was renamed to Huntsville to honor John Hunt, one of the people who settled the area. Much of the growth in Huntsville was attributed to the cotton and railroad industries. It became it the first incorporated town in Alabama in 1811. Today, the city’s economy is primarily based around technology and defence. NASA’S Marshall Space Flight Center, Cummings Research Park, and the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command are located in the city of Huntsville.

Space Research and Technology are a large part of the industry in Huntsville. In the middle of the 20th century, it was a critical support line for the U.S. Army, and helped support the Space Race. Huntsville is nicknamed the “Rocket City”, and it still plays a crucial role in the United States’ space program, helping to develop technology for the International Space Station. The city of Huntsville has ranked among the top 25 most educated cities in the United States, and one of the best Southern Cities for Defense Jobs.

In 2017, the population of Huntsville was 194,585, making it the fourth most populated city in the state of Alabama. 21.3% of the population was under 18, 26.2% of the population was between 18-34, 25.4% was 35-54, 12.3% was 55-64 and 14.8% was over the age of 65. The median household income in the city was $51,441 in 2017.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center is where visitors can learn all about the American Space program. The city of Huntsville was the place where the rockets that put the first satellite in orbit and first sent men to the moon were developed. It is also where the modules for the International Space Station were designed in built. Today, the city of Huntsville is the home to the second largest research park in the United States, as well as the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. One of the sections at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center is Rocket Park. Here, visitors can experience 3Gs of Centrifugal Force on the G-Force Accelerator. They can also experience what it would feel like during a rocket takeoff on Moonshot, including the forces during liftoff and what microgravity would feel like. Younger audiences will enjoy the Kids Comos Energy Depletion Zone, where they can crawl around the International Space Station, or explore the moon on the Lunar Lander Simulator.

Harmony Park Safari

Harmony Park Safari is a licensed nature preserve and the home of free-ranging exotic and endangered animals. Visitors can drive along the designated route and view zebras, antelopes, buffaloes, camels, ostriches, giraffes, kangaroos and more. Afterwards, they can also visit the reptile house. The safari is open from March through to November, and is located on 431 Clouds Cove Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35803.

Huntsville Botanical Garden

The Huntsville Botanical Garden is located near the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. It is open year round, and is the perfect place for bird-waters, gardeners, nature lovers, and plant enthusiasts. Included in the grounds are a seasonal butterfly house, nature path, collection of Flowering Dogwood Trees, and specific themed gardens such as the Biblical Garden, Daylily Garden, Herb Garden and more. One of the popular gardens is the Children’s Garden, which is made up of eight themed areas, such as a dinosaur garden, storybook garden, and pollywog bog. There are also multiple events for adults and families held at the garden. One of the annual events held at Huntsville Botanical Garden is the Bunny Bonanza, where 10,000 eggs and treat are scattered around the garden in four separate hunts. In addition, there are also games, crafts, face painting, and music for families to enjoy.

Interesting Facts

  • In 2010, the city was ranked on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of “America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations”.
  • The city of Huntsville contains 57 parks within its city limits. In 2013, the city was named a “Playful City USA” for its efforts to provide play opportunities to children, including after school programs and parks,
  • The Historic Huntsville Depot was completed in 1860, and its the oldest surviving railroad depot in Alabama and one of the oldest surviving depots in the United States.
  • The city of Huntsville was once known as the “Watercress Capital of the World”.

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