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Juneau District and Curriculum

The Juneau Public School District Board of Education has established proficiency in Math and Reading as a key indicator of student achievement. The district’s reading and math curriculums are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Reading and Math. They are designed to increase student proficiency in these subjects by at least one grade level each year. Core Standards Brochures are available to help parents understand how the standards relate to the knowledge and skills their children are gaining.

In kindergarten through grade 8, the science curriculum is organized around Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science and Alaska’s Seas and Rivers. Field trips to wetlands, tidal zones, and arctic alpine areas help students see first hand how living and nonliving elements interact in ecosystems. They will learn physical science concepts such as gravity, force, and motion as teachers connect new knowledge to local events and objects such as avalanches, skiing, bicycles, and skateboards. In the higher grades, many course options, such as Sportsman’s Biology and Natural Resource Management, reflect Juneau’s unique geography and industries.

We currently cover the following Juneau-area school district: Juneau School District.

Schools in Juneau include:

Auke Bay Elementary School is located on 11869 Glacier Hwy, Juneau, AK 99801, Auke Bay Elementary School covers grades PreK-5 and can be contacted at 907-796-5275.  Auke Bay Elementary School is one of the schools in the Juneau School District. Like other students in Alaska, students in 3rd-9th grade take the PEAKS (Performance Evaluation for Alaska Schools) test. The purpose of the PEAKS is to measure students’ learning in English Language Arts and Mathematics. The English Language Arts standards for students emphasize fluency, analysis, and application. In grades 4, 8 and 10, students are also required to take the Alaska Science Assessment. The Science curriculum at Alaska skills emphasizes the scientific process, including the process of questioning, and designing experiments/investigations. Students at Auke Bay Elementary School also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. One of these activities is Girls on the Run, a national program that helps pre-teen girls develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles. At the end of the program, there is a celebratory 5k run. In elementary school, students take a variety of classes such as mathematics, English Language Arts, Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Taking these classes allows for students to gain a strong foundational knowledge that will be built upon in middle school and high school. SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring in all these subjects. For more information, please contact us.

Juneau Community Charter School is located on 2424 E Dowling Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507, Juneau Community Charter School covers grades K-8 and can be contacted at 907-523-1679. The mission of Juneau Community Charter School is to create a creative and project based learning environment where students are exposed to the natural world firsthand. Staff wish to develop students that are skilled and enthusiastic learners, and responsible and engaged community members. The curriculum at the school integrates project based learning and collaboration between students in different grade levels. Every week, students take excursions such as nature hikes, museum and library trips, and community events, outside of the classrooms. Students also have the opportunity to participate in after school clubs and teams, such as craft club and homework club. According to the standards set out by Alaska Education, students in grade 8 English Language Arts focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students engage in collaborative discussions in 1-on-1 environments, in groups, and teacher led environments. They are expected to come to these discussions prepared with researched material and an established viewpoint. Students follow rules for discussions, including taking turns speaking, and making inquisitive comments and questions. For more information on the English Language Arts Tutoring SchoolTutoring Academy offers, please contact us.

Juneau-Douglas High School is located on 1639 Glacier Ave, Juneau, AK 99801, Juneau-Douglas High School covers grades 9-12 and can be contacted at 907-523-1501. Juneau-Douglas High School is one of the three high schools in Juneau, Alaska. In the 2015-2016 school year, there were 616 students enrolled at the school. In order to graduate, students are required to earn a certain number of credits in several different subjects. 4 in Enlgish, 1 in Algebra, Geometry, Math, World History, U.S. History, Physical Science, Biology, Fine Art and Physical Education, 0.5 in U.S. Government, Alaska History, Work Readiness, Fitness Concepts, Health, and 6.5 credits in electives. Students at the school have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, clubs, and athletics. Athletics opportunities include baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, hockey and more. In high school, students have the ability to take courses in more specific subject areas. For example, students interested in Science can now take courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. For more information on how SchoolTutoring Academy can help you or your child with Science tutoring, please contact us.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Juneau District Curriculum

The Juneau Public Schools offer a range of options to meet the needs and interests of students. For example, at Thunder Mountain High School, 9th grade students are assigned to Small Learning Communities (SLCs) where they gain confidence in navigating the high school environment while they receive targeted instruction in literature, math, and physical science. In the upper grades, students may choose a traditional high school course of study, opt for Advanced Placement courses, or enroll in one of two Academies designed to meet graduation requirements and to give students opportunities to explore special interests.

Additional school choices include a grades 1-8 Montessori program, a K-8 public charter school, and a K-5 program with a curriculum focused on Tlingit culture and language.

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I believe in motivating students to learn by creating lessons that are fun, interesting and meaningful. Techniques I use include flipping the classroom, project-based learning and inquiry learning. School is all about the student thus any teaching or tutoring I do is student centered. I strive to find out what makes each student tick and then build lessons or projects based on those interests.
I have worked with students around the world and seen them learn. I know that everyone is unique but also that everyone can learn. I enjoy working one on one with students as I get to know their strengths and interests. Getting people interested in the subject is my strength.
I believe that every student has the ability and right to learn. I believe that all students are unique and therefore should be taught that way too. With support, kindness, and care all students can be successful learners.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Juneau Educational News

  • R.A.L.L.Y - Recreation, Arts, Leadership and Learning for Youth is a state-licensed after-school care program available to all Juneau Public School District students in grades K-5. The program arranges for a number of guest teachers to provide engaging activities for students. Morning and afternoon programs are available. Breakfast or afternoon snacks are provided.
  • Community Schools - The JPS Community Schools program offers nonacademic after-school and evening courses that appeal to a wide variety of interests and ages. Take up guitar, learn to hula, try out a competitive sport, or attend the Kids Skate Camp.
  • Juneau Community Charter School Student Visits the White House - A fifth-grade student whose winning entry in the National Healthy Lunchtime Challenge with his recipe for Alaska Teriyaki Salmon Wrap, “skipped” the first day of school to attend a Kids State Dinner at the White House.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Juneau, Alaska

Juneau is the capital city of Alaska. Including the surrounding borough, the city covers 3253.92 square miles, making it the second largest city in the United States by area. Juneau became the capital of Alaska in 1906, when the seat of the state’s government moved from Sitka. Downtown Juneau is the home of the Alaska State Capitol, which was built in 1931. It houses the offices of the governor and lieutenant governor. The city is not directly accessible by any roads, and people wishing to visit the city must either come by air or sea. Cars and trucks and be transported to Juneau on the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System.

Annual events held in the city include the Alaska Folk Festival, Juneau Jazz and Classics Music Festival, and Celebration, which is a Alaskan Cultural Festival. The largest professional theatre, Perseverance Theatre, is also found in Juneau. Here, the Juneau Symphony performs regularly, along with the Juneau Lyric Opera and Opera to Go.

In 2017, the population of Juneau was 32,094, making it the third most populated city in the state of Alaska. 22.3% of the population was under 18, 23.8% of the population was between 18-34, 28.7% was 35-54, 14.9% was 55-64 and 10.4% was over the age of 65. The median household income in the city was $87,436 in 2017.

Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center

One of the premier attractions in Juneau is the Mendenhall Glacier. The Glacier is 13 miles long and ends at Mendenhall Lake. The glacier along with other icebergs are easily visible from the Forest Service’s Historic Visitor Center. Other things to do at the center include viewing interactive exhibits, telescopes, ranger talks, children’s activities, and the bookstore. There is also a 15 minute film available for viewing, which describes the history of the Tongass National Forest.. Visitors can also observe some of Alaska’s wildlife, including mountain goats, bears, beavers, and salmon during spawning season while walking on one of the trails in the area. Located near the glacier is Nugget Falls Waterfall, which falls down the mountainside near the glacier.

Tracy Arm Fjord

The Tracy Arm Fjord is named after Benjamin Franklin Tracy, who was Secretary of the Navy. The Fjord is most commonly accessed by boat using Stephen’s Passage, and many tour boats and smaller commercial cruise boats use the area as a stop along their routes. Float Planes are also sometimes used to access the fjord. The Sawyer Glaciers are located at the end of the Tracy Arm Fjord, and wildlife found in the area includes bears, deer, wolves, harbor seals, and mountain goats. Visitors who take a cruise of the Tracy Arm Fjord can expect to see beautiful snow-covered mountain peaks, crashing waterfalls, and ocean wildlife including humpback whales and harbor seals as they experience the nature of the area.

Nugget Falls

Nugget Falls is located downstream of the Nugget Glacier. The falls were formed by the creek from the Nugget Glacier, and stand at a total height of 377 feet. The water from the falls then flows into Mendenhall Lake. Visitors wanting to get a close up look at the falls can trek the Nugget Falls trail, which is 2 miles long and appropriate for all skill levels.

Interesting Facts

  • The city was named after gold prospector Joseph “Joe” Juneau.
  • About 20,000 bald eagles live in and around the city.
  • Visitors wishing to visit Juneau by car have to drive onto a ferry first in order to reach the city. There are no roads connecting Juneau to the rest of Alaska and parts of North America because the terrain surrounding the city is extremely rough.
  • The sister cities to Juneau are Whitehorse and Saskatoon in Canada, Chiayi City in Taiwan, Vladivostok in Russia, Mishan in China, and Kalibo in the Philippines.

Chalk Talk: Finding a Place to Study

Staying focused is a large part of effective studying. Getting distracted can lead to breaks in productivity, and generally less effective studying as information is not as easily absorbed. Different people have different preferences for the environment where they study best. For example, some people like to study while listening to music, whereas for other people, they might like complete silence. Whether you enjoy a bit of background noise, or can’t stand any type of noise, choosing an appropriate place to study can help you get in the right mood for studying. Good places for studying can include libraries, empty classrooms, your bedroom, and more. Try looking for places around your school to study if you find you get too distracted while at home.