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Keokuk District and Curriculum

Keokuk Community School District serves the city of Keokuk’s 1,900 students with two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. Keokuk’s two elementary schools expect students to master fundamental academic skills and instructors use a series of comprehensive assessments to measure progress. For example, 2nd grade students are expected to use drawings or models to demonstrate their knowledge of place value in basic math. As they continue, using models to come to mathematical conclusions becomes an essential part of their problem-solving strategies.

We currently cover the following Keokuk-area school district: Keokuk Community School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Keokuk District Curriculum

At the middle school, the district’s core belief that students adapt to the world around them is evident in their devotion to the use of technology. The school now houses over 300 computers and a computer lab with a significant investment in equipment to facilitate student learning. Throughout the school district students and parents have access to PowerSchool, an online database that informs parents of grades and attendance. It is even available as a mobile app.

The Keokuk Community School District has a commitment to providing students with the skills needed for continued success in a variety of career paths. At Keokuk High School, every student must take part in Career Focus Planning, a curriculum plan that focuses students on their future in one of six pathways in areas such as the arts and high technology specialties.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Keokuk Educational News

  • Hawthorne Elementary Receives Blue Ribbon Award - Hawthorne Elementary School was recently awarded a No Child Left Behind National Blue Ribbon Award. Hawthorne students scored in the top 10% of all Iowa schools in both math and reading on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills.
  • Annual Civil War Reenactment - The city of Keokuk hosts an annual Civil War reenactment and is home to one of the 12 original national cemeteries in the United States. During the Civil War, soldiers were brought to Keokuk’s many war hospitals and the cemetery is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Keo-Kids Program - Parents in need of after school care can enroll their students in Keo-Kids, a program that offers recreation and character building activities. Students are bused from school to the YMCA and participate in a wide variety of activities that include art, drama and music.

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Chalk Talk: How to Find Homework Help

Homework is an important part of one’s education. It reinforces the skills a student learned at school and gives him a chance to demonstrate that he understands the concepts he needs to know. But sometimes a student can’t do it alone and should know that there are numerous resources available. Parents, family members or even friends are available to help with homework. Community resources like an after school program or library often have tutors or homework help centers. Even the school itself might have a teacher that stays after school to tutor, and some teachers are even available online to answer questions at night or on weekends. Even though a student might feel alone doing homework, there are plenty of places where he or she can go for assistance whether it's an isolated question or a longer term need.