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Kingston District and Curriculum

Silver Lake Regional School District encompasses the towns of Kingston, Halifax, and Plympton in Massachusetts. Kingston contains the majority of the schools: one of the three elementary schools as well as the intermediate, middle, and high schools. Silver Lake Regional School District uses the Common Core State Standards. The district follows the Guiding Principles for English Language Arts and Literacy Programs in Massachusetts. The teachers embed students’ interests and experiences into literacy instruction, preparing students for their future education and careers, and reaching out to families and communities in order to sustain a literate society.

We currently cover the following Kingston-area school district: Silver Lake Regional School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Kingston District Curriculum

These principles include the implementation of interactive learning to foster critical thinking and language skills, the use of literature to develop students’ understanding of literary heritage, the reading of informational texts to build academic vocabulary and content knowledge, providing students with appropriately challenging tasks to develop oral speaking and reading, writing various genres (including explanatory texts, arguments, and narratives), having high expectations of students, and providing explicit instruction of literacy skills.

Kingston Intermediate School has broken down how math instruction should occur in each of its grade levels based on Common Core. In third grade, instructional time should be spent on developing and using strategies for multiplication and division of numbers up to 100, gaining a basic understanding of fractions with the numerator one, understanding the structure of arrays and area, and describing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes. Throughout middle and high school, students are introduced to increasingly complex skills in these areas.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Kingston Educational News

  • Musical Sophomores Receive Rare Opportunity - Two Silver Lake sophomores joined 15 other Massachusetts singers and a total of 670 students from across the U.S. to perform at the Grand Ole Ory House in Nashville as a part of the NAfME All-National Mixed Choir Honor Ensemble—a rarity for any student, let along sophomores. Both students, whom their choir teacher described as extremely talented and driven, play instruments and sing bass.
  • Silver Lake Students Get a Taste of History in Musical - The cast of Silver Lake Regional High’s “1776: The Musical” was able to play historical figures such as John and Abigail Adams, Thomas and Martha Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin as they reenacted the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In playing their characters, they learned things about the historical figures that they didn’t know; for example, Abigail Adams was very intelligent and had a large influence on her husband John, and Benjamin Franklin was a good listener.
  • SLRMS Students Hold ‘Academy Awards’ to Celebrate Books - During Silver Lake eighth graders’ “Academy Awards,” they showed video trailers of books they read and wanted to persuade their peers to read. They could select any fictional book they wanted, and when creating their short video trailers, they uploaded pictures, incorporated their own music or music from the program, used subtitles or voice narrations to tell their story, and approached their trailers by thinking about how a filmmaker would tell their story. During the award ceremony, a panel of teachers judged the video trailers in the categories of best narration, strongest images, best music, best transitions, most creative, most original, best effects, most engaging, most moving, most suspenseful, and best overall trailer.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: Letting Go

Heading to college is a difficult time for parents and children. For parents it is time to give the child more independence than they have been given before. To help make this time go more smoothly, begin by letting the child take the lead through the college application time. Look at the child’s reactions during the campus visit since they are the one that will be spending time on the campus. Talk to the child about the costs involved with college life, including tuition, books, housing and so on. Let the child know what they will be expected to cover and what the parents will pay for. There are also college survival courses at some colleges that allow the students time to look over the campus. During this time the child will learn about study skills, time management, and self-awareness. It also introduces them to those they can turn to when needed.