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Laguna Beach, California Tutoring Programs

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Laguna Beach District and Curriculum

The schools in Laguna Beach follow a curriculum that offers a standards-based outline to each subject area at all grade levels. In Math and English/Language Arts, the Common Core Standards are used; they describe the broad learning areas of each subject and the skills and knowledge needed in order to become proficient in the subject.

We currently cover the following Laguna Beach-area school district: Laguna Beach Unified School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Laguna Beach District Curriculum

In English/Language Arts, the curriculum describes the grade-level expectations for reading fiction and non-fiction, listening and speaking, writing processes and purposes, the structure of language, and the development of vocabulary. In Math, the curriculum describes the skills and problem-solving strategies central to the major topics of numerical operations, algebra, geometry, and data analysis using statistics and probability functions. In Science, students receive abroad framework that teaches the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics, earth, space and environmental science and technology.

Other programs have specific curriculum that provide objectives to understand the goals of the coursework. Each curriculum sets out goals that are designed to prepare students for the next steps in their education and professional pursuits. Through this format, thinking skills like problem-solving, reasoning, and analysis are developed.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Laguna Beach Educational News

  • Mythology Club - At Thurston High School, students have joined together to form a Mythology Club. A range of activities are planned around mythology and creating original work in this subject and a deep knowledge based is broadened for the students.
  • Focus on Children - The schools emphasis on children has sparked a similar sense of outreach amongst the students in Laguna Beach. The high school offers a number of clubs like Make-A-Wish and Invisible Children that provide outreach to children by children.
  • High Honors - For Laguna Beach Unified School District was ranked 113th in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. This is an exceptional ranking and speaks volumes for the entire educational community.

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