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Lake City District and Curriculum

Florence County School District Three–the second largest of the five districts located in in Florence County–sits in the lower portion of the county, directly in-between Myrtle Beach and Columbia, SC. The majority of the district’s schools, including its junior and senior high schools, are located in Lake City. Fourteen Florence County teachers are engaging in professional development that will allow them to incorporate new instructional methods in their classrooms effectively in order to enhance instruction, and learning for students. The teachers will be able to deliver this unit to their students and pass on the critical 21s century skills they acquired.

We currently cover the following Lake City-area school district: Florence County School District Three.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Lake City District Curriculum

Through the INTEL Essentials course taught by two of the district’s technology coaches, the teachers are developing their 21st century skills. Using their new skills in conjunction with the INTEL Essentials course curriculum, the teachers collaborate, analyze information, and problem-solve in order to design a project-based unit of instruction that is aligned with both the Common Core Standards and the NETS standards and includes multiple types of student assessment. This ensures that students are building their skills at pace with the curriculum.

The English Language Arts and Math curriculum have both been updated with the implementation of Common Core Standards. The design of each is similar in that it states the goals for each major topic in the subject, provides a progression of skills and concepts for students to master, and sets expectations for critical thinking abilities that students should be developing. The standards allow teachers to collaborate as well, to see where there are connecting points in what they are teaching, and designing interdisciplinary approaches.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Lake City Educational News

  • Longtime Music Teacher Named FCSD3 Teacher of the Year - Betty Frances Stone, a 30-year music teacher who encourages her students to think critically and creatively, was named Florence County School District Three's 2015-16 Teacher of the Year and will go on to represent her district in the State Teacher of the Year Competition. Her principal said that her love for music and children shines through and that she goes above and beyond to make sure her students fulfill their potential.
  • SCNow.com Spotlights Senior Athletes - SCNow.com spotlighted two four-year senior athletes who are outstanding representatives of the Lake City Panthers: a senior captain of the cheerleading team and a four-year starter for both the varsity football and baseball teams. The baseball and football player's favorite class is Biology II because he enjoys the hands-on learning. She plans to pursue sports medicine at the University of South Carolina, while he hopes to earn his business degree and open up a barber shop.
  • Renowned Children's Performer to Visit Lake City - Lake City Early Childhood Center will sponsor two performances by nationally recognized children's singer, songwriter, and author Jack Hartmann at the Lake City High gym. Hartman has recorder over 700 educational songs, which are used by teachers in classrooms all over the U.S. He has worked with children with autism and served as a social worker and counselor for children and their families for 25 years.

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Chalk Talk: Back to School: Keeping the Germs Out

With the beginning of the school year also comes an increase in colds, flus, and other illnesses. It is important for schools and teachers to encourage students--especially at the elementary level--to practice personal hygiene habits in order to prevent sicknesses. Teachers should always keep a box of tissues in their classroom; they may even add them to their classroom supply list, so they can get a box of tissues from each student. Students should always cover their mouths when sneezing or coughing. Very young students must be reminded to wash their hands after coughing or sneezing into their hands, after using the restroom, and before eating. Teachers can keep hand sanitizer in their classroom to encourage students to clean their hands more often, but they should have rules around the use of the hand sanitizer, as swallowing it can be very dangerous to children. Although attendance is vital, students who are highly contagious are better off staying at home until they can't spread the illness anymore.