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Lee, Massachusetts Tutoring Programs

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Lee District and Curriculum

Lee Public Schools is a small school district containing two schools and over 800 students. The district uses the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks which is recognized for its high quality standards and success it has shown in preparing students for college and career. The curriculum provides a scope and sequence for all teachers across the state to use when teaching a subject and which helps students who may move districts to be at the same place in their learning if they start a new school. For all students, appropriate interventions and supports are provided so they may achieve the standards and enrichment services are available for those who have exceeded the standards.

We currently cover the following Lee-area school district: Lee Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Lee District Curriculum

The Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks provide the basis for teaching and learning in the district; they are aligned with Common Core Standards in Math and Language Arts and provide an objectives-based learning model for all other subjects. In addition to its standard curriculum, Lee Middle School strives to provide character education, including bullying prevention, as well. The middle school offers special programs such as Spanish and French, math and English enrichment, science labs, and woodworking.

In the high school, students have more course opportunities and a greater ability to choose a pathway to prepare for their post-secondary goals. Advanced Placement course offerings include Language/Composition, Literature/Composition, U.S. History, Statistics, Physics, Calculus, Environmental Science, Computer Science, and Biology. Elective courses include Forensics, Sociology, Astronomy, Anatomy, Engineering, Ceramics, the Holocaust, Berkshire History, Personal Finance, and Women’s History.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Lee Educational News

  • Lee Students Visit Unique Museum - Students from Lee Middle and High School art classes traveled to northern Berkshire County to visit the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art—one of the largest centers for modern visual and performing arts in the U.S. The museum focuses on displaying large-scale and complex works of art from both well-known and emerging contemporary artists. The vast museum has enormous galleries with 110,000 square feet of open space.
  • Former NBA Player Shares His Story at Lee Middle - Former NBA player Chris Herren, who won several statewide honors for high school basketball, visited Lee Middle and High School to talk about his personal story away from the court. Chris struggled with substance abuse but has been drug- and alcohol-free and family-focused since 2008. He now travels the world as a motivational speaker and established the Herren Project to help those who have addictions.
  • College and Career Center Improved - LMHS recently redesigned its high school counseling office to better serve the needs of the students. The College and Career Centers include a work area that students can visit after school or during directed study periods as well as a classroom area that will host various workshops students may attend. Thanks to a grant, the center also now includes a Chromebook desktop computer, two Chromebook laptops, and a video display system.

Lee Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: Parents as Learning Role Models

Children look for role models in many different places, but the one that will stay with them the longest are their parents. Parents can help their children’s learning methods by showing curiosity about things. Even trips through the local community can help lead to questions about its history or why certain plants grow better in one place than another. Parents can be the leader in these questions to help open the children’s thinking process and their questions. Looking at nature in parks or wildlife refuge can also lead to a string of questions to find answers to together. Finally, another way to be a role model for learning is for the parents to take classes in things that interest them and then share what was learned with the children with enthusiasm. The joy of learning can be found all around and by being a guide to a child’s learning, parents can show children that learning can be educational and fun.

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