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Livingston District and Curriculum

Livingston Public Schools is a comprehensive K-12 public school district serving Livingston, New Jersey. The district operates five K-5 elementary schools, one school for sixth grade, one middle school for grades 7-8 and one high school. The mission of Livingston Public Schools is to empower each student to learn, create, contribute and grow. This mission is accomplished through the combined efforts of faculty, staff, students, parents and community members who have created a safe learning environment in which students can achieve their greatest potential.

We currently cover the following Livingston-area school district: Livingston Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Livingston District Curriculum

The curriculum that meets or exceeds the requirements of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. These standards provide guidelines for the knowledge and skills students should acquire at each grade level in: science, social studies, world languages, 21st Century life and careers, health and physical education, visual and performing arts, and technology. The Common Core Standards outline learning targets for math and language arts.

To prepare students to be engaged and informed citizens, Livingston Public Schools has developed a rigorous and relevant Social Studies curriculum. Middle school students study the interaction of European explorers with the native peoples of the New World, learn about the system of checks and balances in the three branches of government, and begin learning about the major religions of the world. Once in high school, students study human behavior in psychology, analyze the global effects of World War I and examine how American Cold War policy shaped Eastern and Western Europe.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Livingston Educational News

  • Students Make Volcanoes - Students at Riker Hill Elementary recently got an up-close look at how volcanoes erupt. With the help of their teacher, students mixed baking soda and vinegar with boiling water to simulate a volcanic eruption.
  • Livingston Schools Stuff the Bus - To help restock the empty shelves at the local food pantry, Livingston Public Schools students stuffed busses full food. It was part of a community wide effort to help local families in need that also gave students insight into how they can positively impact others.
  • Parent Resources - The district provides a number of online resources for parents to help them navigate their children's education. From schedules to curriculum guides and testing information, the parent resources provide many ways for parents to engage with the district events.

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Chalk Talk: Open Education Resources to Help Your Child

Back in 2001, the Creative Commons license was formed, which allows people to share their intellectual property for free with others while still adhering to copyright laws. Colleges and universities from around the world now take part in the Creative Commons and offer a plethora of resources that can help your child find academic success. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has over 2,000 courses available for free online. The Khan Academy has how-to videos on everything from financial literacy to chemistry. Curriki is a wiki service open to teachers and students alike, and offers over 40,000 educational resources for free. These “open education” resources give students, parents and teachers that much more firepower to ensure that all students reach their highest possible potential.