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Mesa District and Curriculum

Mesa Public Schools follow the standards of the Arizona Department of Education and the State’s Common Core Standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, to help ensure that every child is prepared for high school, college, and the workforce.

We currently cover the following Mesa-area school districts: Mesa Public Schools.

Schools in Mesa include:

Self Development Academy is located at 1709 N Greenfield, Mesa, AZ 85205. Self Development Academy covers kindergarten through eighth grade. Contact Self Development Academy at (480) 641-2640. The mission statement of the Self Development Academy, as outlined on their website, is to “to nurture students’ inner spirit of curiosity; to inspire students to develop intrinsic motivation to achieve scholarly potential; to empower students to take ownership of their learning; to foster passion for life-long learning; and to promote the merit of serving the community. The Self Development Academy vision is to nurture capable, thriving students who are equally confident in their scholastic abilities and their responsibilities to their communities.” The Self Development Academy (SDA) is also ranked in the top 10 of all Arizona schools for their outstanding quality of education. SDA also uses an accelerated program, teaching one grade above the Arizona standards, and relying heavily on internationally recognized standards. The academy also prioritizes producing well rounded students, and as such, all students have hands on opportunities for learning, such as science labs, violin and percussion lessons, literary analysis, Spanish and Latin, and technology integration. The school got its beginnings in 1988 with a preschool founded to teach younger children with an academically challenging curriculum. Recognizing the benefits of this kind of education, the Self Development Academy was founded in 2000 with just 37 students. Today, the enrollment is well over 700 students, with many students having started at the preschool that inspired the academy.

Montessori Education Centre is located at 2834 East Southern Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85204. Montessori Education Centre covers kindergarten through seventh grade. Contact Montessori Education Centre at (480) 926-8375. The mission of the Montessori Education Centre, as outlined on their website, is to “nurture the whole child’s growth and guiding the transformation of each student while modeling a love of learning.” Furthermore, they believe in a learning environment in which all classrooms are child-centred, with an individualized experience designed to grow the whole child; where there is a significance placed on freedom, nature, beauty and atmosphere; where classrooms are designed around multi-sensory experiences that respect the individual learner and their intelligence; where there is an importance placed on small group instruction, with large group instruction where appropriate; and where lessons are inviting, exciting, and challenging. The Montessori Education Centre got its beginnings when the head of school, Tammy Whiting, was doing research for her master’s thesis. She read about the importance of agency in a child’s life during times of stress, and she found herself moved to create an environment that would allow children to feel like they could make a meaningful difference. Tammy went on to attend a Montessori workshop, and eventually to found a school in 1985, and then attain a charter from the state in 1996, which is when the school was renamed to the Montessori Education Centre.

ASU Preparatory Academy – Polytechnic High School is located at 7350 E Innovation Way South, Mesa, AZ 85212. Polytechnic covers ninth grade through twelfth grade. Contact Polytechnic at (480) 727-5769.  The main focus of the Polytechnic High School is, from their website, to “prepare students to enter and graduate from a university of their choice while leaders and contributors to society. The high school offers the internationally acclaimed Cambridge Curriculum, that prepares students to enroll in university classes by their junior year in high school. Additionally, all students participate in a capstone project course each year.” They also give students the ability to use technology in the process of addressing problems, work together with their peers on solutions to real world issues, and participate in community service programs. Students also complete research projects, which allow the students  to come unto a comprehension of the world at large, and how they can affect it. The students work in groups called “cohorts”, with a capstone advisor, in order to facilitate learning and create a portfolio that will support students for the rest of their academic career.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Mesa District Curriculum

The Mesa Public School System is able to offer quality education with innovative instructional programs and comprehensive curriculum
to thousands of students because of their focus on five critical areas. The first area is a comprehensive, excellent curriculum at
every grade level, which corresponds with the state standards and is the foundation of each student’s educational experience. Secondly,
teachers are provided with quality instructional materials to help support them in the classroom. Third, assessments are authentic and
ensure measurable outcomes. Fourth, teachers are provided on-going professional development. Finally, Mesa Public Schools emphasizes
an administrative and community support around each school to guarantee of success for that school community.

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Arizona Tutors

As a person who loves learning new concepts and is open to new ideas, I am a strong believer in education. I believe, with the right attention given and some creativity, anyone is capable of learning. I also believe in rewarding accomplishments when it comes to education. There are times when we may feel intimidated by a specific topic but once we really dive in, and succeed, we should reward ourselves with a celebratory moment to say “I knew that I can do it”. This will also push us to go further and accomplish more in life.
I believe that it is important to provide a highly effective learning environment. I strive to make even the most learning-challenged kids take away something from the instruction they are given. I also think it’s important to remember that it’s not just about the subject matter, but also about life and building relationships.
I believe that all students are capable of learning, regardless of ability. I think it is the job of a teacher to help students find the learning style that works best for them. Students are capable of feeling passionate about their academics and should be encouraged to pursue those subjects and contents that they enjoy most.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Mesa Educational News

  • Mesa High School Teacher Competes for National Teacher of the Year - At the Arizona Educational Foundation's Award Luncheon in November in Scottsdale, AZ, Nancie Lindblom was named Arizona Teacher of the Year-2013. Lindblom is the 11th-grade Advanced Placement U.S. History teacher at Skyline High School in the Mesa Public School System. Lindblom will receive numerous prizes as Arizona's Teacher of the Year including a SMARTboard, a full scholarship toward an advanced degree, professional speech training and $15,000 in cash. Lindblom will also meet President Obama when she represents the State of Arizona and competes for the title of National Teacher of the Year.
  • Stevenson Elementary Receives State-of-the-Art Library and Food Pantry - Through the good work of Target Corporation and The Heart of America Foundation, the Stevenson Elementary School in the Mesa Public School System, received a new state-of-the-art library and a Meals for Minds food pantry. Since 2007, the Heart of America Foundation has partnered with the Target School Library Makeover program to improve over 100 school libraries. Numerous volunteers from the school community helped put the finishing touches to both the library and the food pantry. The goal of Target Meals for Minds food pantry is to feed the hungry children in Arizona's school districts and to help them learn. Each student at Stevenson Elementary was surprised with 30 pounds of food and seven new books to take home with them. The new library features a complete technology upgrade-including new iPads, new carpeting, shelves, furniture and most importantly, 2,000 new books for the students.
  • Non-Profit Helps Kids in Mesa Public Schools - The Mesa Foundation for Educational Excellence is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help the children in Mesa Public Schools by going that extra step. If a child needs help purchasing eye glasses, or if a classroom needs help with a special project, through gifts and donations, the Foundation will make it happen. The Mesa Foundation for Educational Excellence provides what kids need to succeed, whether musical instruments for a classroom, clothing for a child, or mentoring for a family, the Foundation's Programs enrich the student's education experience and enhance student's achievement, all students from preschool to high school. Their services include much-needed help, materials, equipment or support. However big or small, their good work is sure to benefit all students in Mesa Public Schools.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Mesa, Arizona

Mesa is a city in North Carolina, in Maricopa County. Mesa is the third largest city in the state, 36th largest city in the nation, and the largest suburban city in the nation. Mesa is a relatively large city, covering an area of 359km2, and housing a population of 496,401.  Mesa is home to various higher education institutions, such as the Polytechnic Arizona State University campus. The largest relief airport in the Phoenix area is located in Mesa as well. Mesa became so large due to the building of military installments before and during WW2, which relocated a lot of military personnel there. Additionally, the aerospace industry found a home in Mesa, which attracted a lot of research scientists, engineers, and factories there.

As of the census of 2010, there were 439,041 people, 146,643 households, and 99,863 families residing in the city. The population density was 3,171.3 people per square mile (1,224.4/km2). There were 175,701 housing units at an average density of 1,405.7 per square mile (542.8/km2). The age distribution was 27.3% under 18, 11.2% from 18 to 24, 29.7% from 25 to 44, 18.4% from 45 to 64, and 13.3% who were 65 or older. The median age was 32 years. There were 146,643 households out of which 33.4% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 52.7% were married couples living together, 10.6% had a female householder with no husband present, and 31.9% were non-families.

Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona

The Commemorative Air Force Airbase in Arizona is not only a museum of antique and modern aircraft, but also a working airplane mechanic shop, with plenty of skill technicians coaxing old planes back to life, and even recreating old parts from scratch. They also run “climb aboard” tours of a few of their planes, where visitors can get inside the planes, and feel and see the same things that the brave men and women that flew those same planes felt. The museum is dedicated to the “hard truths and brilliant ingenuity of a generation of heroes who scrambled to defend freedom.” These truths and ingenuity are showcased throughout all sorts of antique war equipment, testimonials, and stories from family members.

Usery Mountain Regional Park

This regional park has over 29 miles of trails to offer, usable for hiking, mountain biking, and even horseback riding. The trails can be between 0.2 miles for a leisurely stroll, to over 7 miles for a longer trek. The trails take visitors high enough to get an absolutely gorgeous view of the surrounding park area and mountains. Before getting onto the trails, make sure to stop by the Nature Center to learn about the various plants and critters that can be seen, or to pick up some last minute hiking necessities.

Interesting Facts

  • The name ‘Mesa’ stems from the Spanish word for table. It gets its name because of its distinctive table-top shape.
  • Before it was called Mesa, the city was known as Zenos.
  • The Chicago Cubs host their training camp here every year during the spring.
  • The canals that were built in this city are considered to be some of the largest and most advanced in the prehistoric New World.
  • Mesa’s curbside “green barrel” program for materials like leaves and tree branches is the only such program in the country.

Chalk Talk: The Necessity of Physical Education at all Grade Levels

With the rapid progress of computers, cell phones, electronic games and hand-held devices, our children have become less active. Unfortunately, our children's diets are also higher in carbohydrates, fats and dairy. Because they are less active and getting less exercise, our children weigh more and have less energy. All of these factors lead up to alarming statistics: our children are at risk for becoming obese and all of the health problems that entails: high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Good eating habits, physical activity and exercise are keys to good health, all of which can be taught in Physical Education Classes.