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Middleton District and Curriculum

The Tri-Town School Union district serves elementary schools in the towns of Middleton, Boxford, and Topsfield (two in each town). Students from these three towns go on to attend middle and high school in the Masconomet Regional School District. The schools are very serious about their writing program, offering a district writing model, a brochure that lays out this writing model, a writers’ workshop profile by grade level, and a PowerPoint that explains the process in action. There are also links to each of the three types of writing students are expected to produce—argument, narrative, and informational—for each grade level from K-6.

We currently cover the following Middleton-area school districts: Tri-Town School Union and Masconomet Regional School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Middleton District Curriculum

The Tri-Town Schools use a balanced literacy model that involves three components: readers’ workshop, writers’ workshop, and language and word study. The readers’ workshops include activities such as read alouds; shared, guided, and independent reading; and literature circles. The writers’ workshops are structured, yet foster creativity, provide a safe place for students to take academic risks, and allow students to perfect and learn writing skills in manageable chunks. They require that both teachers and students understand the complete writing process in detail and that students be consistently monitored.

The district’s balanced literacy model involves language and word study. The phonics and spelling program Wilson Fundations is used in grades K-3. This research-based program is designed to complement—not replace—the schools’ existing literacy program. Fundations is incorporated into a daily 30-minute lesson, which includes sequenced skills such as print knowledge, phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary, fluency, and spelling; critical and analytic thinking, speaking, and listening skills are practiced as well.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Middleton Educational News

  • Fourth Graders Explore Science, Technology, and Problem Solving - Spofford Pond School's fourth graders were recently paid a visit by Techsploration, which aims to make science, technology, and problem solving engaging to kids. Techsploration's Tom Wahle not only uses fun props and his exciting personality but brings highly educational materials that connect with the school's curriculum and are relevant to the real world. The students learned how simple machines can help people do work and used gears to construct transmissions for toy cars, with the goal of designing cars that carried weight as fast as possible up a hill.
  • Spofford Pond’s Beginning Concert - Spofford Pond School's Beginning Band recently held its first concert of the year. The band consists of 64 fourth and fifth graders who are new to the program. The band performed such songs as "Mary Had a Cool Lamb," "Stomp Rock," and "Old MacDonald."
  • School Celebrates Success Through "Exploration Day" - With the Howe-Manning School achieving the status of Level 1 School for the third year in a row as well as being named a Commendation School, Principal Betsy Boulanger decided to honor her staff and students by holding an "Exploration Day." Students and teachers were granted autonomy to choose what they wanted to learn and explore and how, with the idea being drawn from Daniel Pink's Drive, which explains that autonomy motivates us intrinsically and creatively.

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Chalk Talk: What Is Chemistry?

In the simplest of terms, chemistry is a physical science that focuses on the study of matter. It is typically one of the three major sciences offered by high schools and is usually required for eleventh graders; although, advanced tenth graders may take chemistry. Concepts in chemistry include the Periodic Table of Elements, the structure of atoms, compounds and molecules, chemical reactions, etc. Students often start learning basic chemistry concepts, such as the parts of an atom (electrons, protons, and neutrons) and the states of matter, in their middle school science classes. Math is used frequently in chemistry, as students are required to balance equations of chemical reactions. Students who are pursuing careers in the medical field will have to take many chemistry courses in their college programs, including more advanced subjects such as biochemistry and organic chemistry.