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Milalani Town, Hawaii Tutoring Programs

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Milalani Town District and Curriculum

The Mililani Town schools, under the guidance of the Hawaii State Department of Education (DOE), strive to produce students who can handle the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and enter post-secondary education without remediation. To this end, Mililani Town schools and the DOE uphold six General Learner Outcomes, which include the ability to ethically use technology, solve problems, and work effectively with others.

We currently cover the following Milalani Town-area school district: Hawaii Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Milalani Town District Curriculum

In addition to maintaining quality learning opportunities in core subjects, such as the Sciences and Social Studies, the CCSS revamps English Language Arts and Math instruction. Both will attain a greater focus on in-depth understanding. In math, students will learn the logic behind equations, instead of simply memorizing how to perform them. In ELA, students will be expected to critically assess texts and produce writing which is reflective of this critical ability.

Starting in 2016, students must earn three credits in math and four credits in English in order to graduate from Mililani High School. Students are also required to complete a Personal Transition Plan (PTP) before graduation, the purpose of which is to prepare students for an easy, successful transition to a career or to college. This PTP calls for students to attend Advisory classes throughout high school and complete all tasks assigned by Advisory teachers. The Hawaii State Board of Education oversees the Personal Transition Plan policy.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Milalani Town Educational News

  • State Assessment Show Great Gains - The Hawaii State Department of Education’s 2012 assessment disclosed that both math and reading scores increased across all grade levels. The state gained 5 percentage points in reading and math proficiency, which Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi credits to the dedication of students and educators.
  • New Athletics Program - Seventh- and eighth-graders in the Zones of School Innovation will now have greater access to extracurricular activities with the implementation of a new Intermediate Athletics initiative. This step toward realizing the Strategic Plan upheld by the Hawaii State Board of Education and the Department of Education is intended to raise student performance through engagement in activities outside the classroom.
  • Custom Culture Design Contest - Moanalua High School has taken its place as one of 50 semifinalists in the VANS Custom Culture design contest for 2013. This year marks Moanalua’s fourth successive year in the semifinals and has given many students a chance to show how their artistic talents can be used in career oriented pursuits.

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