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Miramar District and Curriculum

In Broward County, educators value communication, information, numeracy, social skills, and technology. They also see the importance of students’ having a good grasp of basic concepts before they are allowed to move on to more complex concepts. That is why the Broward County Core Curriculum is known as a spiral curriculum. Students build knowledge layer upon layer while reviewing basic concepts the entire time.

We currently cover the following Miramar-area school districts: Broward County Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Miramar District Curriculum

The Broward County Public Schools science curriculum allows students to explore the physical world. They are taught how to use the scientific method to organize their observations. From this first-hand knowledge, they are able to construct
their own understanding of science. Broward County sees the need for students to be able to compete in a global economy. That is why technology plays a large role in the science curriculum. The expectations of the Next Generation Sunshine Standards and the up-to-date methods of presenting information spur students on to excellence in science.

Perhaps most of all, educators within Broward County Public Schools value the ability to read and write well. If a student
is below grade level in reading, he or she is aided by many interventions. Students learn to read and write well in lower
grades so that they can enjoy being exposed to many types of literature and writing in the upper grades. If students are
able to read and write well, they will be able to learn anything they choose.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Miramar Educational News

  • Parent Learning Programs - The District is offering programs for parents to help them provide resources for exceptional children, children requiring special education services, and children who require additional social supports. These programs are designed to promote inclusion and open communication between families, teachers and administrators.
  • School Organizations - Students who attend Miramar High School have many options for extracurricular involvement. There are organizations dedicated to academic events like Science Olympiad, Mathletics, or Debate, there are clubs that have formed to promote social and artitic causes, and many options available in career-oriented clubs like the Future Educators of America.
  • Student Achievements - A student from Dolphin Bay Elementary heads to regional competitions with the Pines Figure Skating Club. The student says that she like her ability to express herself through figure skating. Perhaps she will follow in her mother's footsteps all the way to the nationals.

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