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Moscow, Idaho Tutoring Programs

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Moscow District and Curriculum

Moscow School District expects students to enter each new grade having mastered the skills learned in the previous grade and having the ability to apply those skills to the skills being learned in subsequent years. In English Language Arts (ELA), the curriculum is based on 6 standards: Reading Process, Comprehension/Interpretation, Writing Process, Writing Applications, Writing Components and Communication. There are four standards that form the math curriculum: Number and Operation, Concepts and Principles of Measurement, Concepts and Language of Algebra and Functions, Concepts and Principles of Geometry, and Data Analysis, Probability, and Statistics.

We currently cover the following Moscow-area school district: Moscow School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Moscow District Curriculum

For ELA, decoding skills begin in first grade. As students learn to decode, they build up their fluency, which is reading speed. Grammar skills are introduced in second grade. New third grade skills include the study of spelling patterns, the use of context clues to read new words and the reading of chapter books. Fourth through sixth graders learn the meaning of common Greek and Latin root words and apply that knowledge to decode and define complex words, read larger, more difficult literature, and textbooks on their own. By the seventh grade, students’ vocabulary has grown to include idioms and figurative language.

These skills are reviewed and strengthened in grades 8 through 12. They read a wider variety of texts which include classic literature, contemporary literature, periodicals, reference books, poetry and the Internet. Students progress through the 5 steps of writing: prewrite, write, edit, revise and publish, to produce a variety of technical and creative texts. They write and respond to a variety of texts, citing references where required.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Moscow Educational News

  • Rules of the Game - Moscow High School is serious about good sportsmanship. There are not just rules for how a game is played, there are rules for how a game is watched. Fans and other spectators are expected to be courteous and supportive to both team’s members at games. This should be reflected in the reactions to game events, cheers, signs expressed at games, and a choice to refrain from the use of substances. After all, it is just a game.
  • McDonald Elementary Talent Show - Every year, McDonald Elementary School holds a talent show to showcase their students. The Talent Show Committee auditions students who must work hard to be among those chosen to perform. Individuals or groups who will participate in the talent show can only perform one act. This act can be a song, dance, magic trick, skit, gymnastic or sports routine, standup comedy, or other selection.
  • Moscow Middle School Online Library - Moscow Middle School has an online library! Students can read online books and information about authors that is available at their school and other Moscow schools. Viewers can blog and get answers to any frequently asked questions about the library. Students can even find answers to research questions for assignments they have. This wonderful tool is the pride of Moscow Middle.

Moscow Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: Tips for Choosing a Tutor

Tutoring has been an educational option for hundreds of years. Presently, it often serves as a supplement for many children who struggle with academics in school. For many, it is the difference between passing and failing a course or grade level. For a service that is so critically important, choosing the right program is equally as important. A good tutoring company is one that has certified educators as tutors who can travel to their client when and where they are needed. It should have several kinds of programs to meet a wide variety of needs. It also should offer lessons that are motivating and stimulating. Most of all, the tutor needs to know how to relate to children, including those with special needs. A struggling student deserves the best. The right tutoring company will provide it.

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