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New Carrolltown District and Curriculum

As of 2010, Maryland and the State Board of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and English/Language Arts. The standards were created to establish uniformity across states and from school to school, ensuring that students are receiving the same quality education. Prince George’s County Public School District is moving to put the Maryland Common Core Curriculum in place as the district’s basis for curriculum in Math and Language Arts. The curriculum covers all grades from Pre-K through 12th grade and is based on progressive learning of the same type of material but with increasing complexity.

At the elementary school level, students in the PGCPS district focus on reading skills as part of their curriculum. The program includes the use of phonics and word analysis. The curriculum is focused on understanding reading material and being able to discuss the reading in class. As students master basic reading skills, the students are expected to provide feedback and analysis of what they have read including in written form and in oral presentations. In middle school, students are expected to analyze their reading, and identify the organization of the writing including themes, and main ideas. Students should also be able to write opinion pieces on the reading and back up their opinion with additional facts. High school students will focus on analyzing complex reading material. Students will be expected to relate their reading material to other literature and to write multifaceted essays on the reading. In the area of writing, high school students will be expected to be able to write detailed research reports.

We currently cover the following New Carrolltown-area school district: Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the New Carrolltown District Curriculum

PGCPS is implementing the Common Core standards for Math. In elementary school, students start by learning counting and cardinality and move to mathematical operations including arithmetic, measurements, simple algebra, and geometry. Middle school students will learn to use proportional relationships, ratios, rational numbers, equations, basic Geometry, statistics, mathematical expressions, and probability in order to be ready for high school algebra and geometry which are requirements for graduation.

In algebra, students will learn complex equations, relationships between quantities, exponential relationships, descriptive statistics, quadratic functions and modeling. In the required geometry course students will learn the concepts of proof and constructions, similarity, congruence, circle theorems, probability, and the fundamentals of trigonometry.

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New Carrolltown Area Educational News

  • H.B Owens Science Center - The Howard B. Owens Science Center hosted a program at the planetarium for the community with the return of their Rudolph Flu show. The planetarium show lets visitors find out how Santa is going to deliver presents this year with Rudolph sick with the flu and unable to help. It seems Santa's dog Sirius has an idea on how to solve the problem. After the Rudolph presentation there is a tour of the night sky.
  • Vocabulary Scores - In information recently released by the National Assessment of Educational Program (NAEP) Maryland students in the fourth and eighth grade are doing well with their vocabularies. Scoring way above national averages, Maryland fourth grade students now rank fourth in the country for vocabulary usage. Eighth grade students in Maryland came in at tied for 14th in the nation.
  • Board of Education News - Board of Education begins new term The Honorable Marilynn M. Bland, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Prince George's County, Maryland swore in the Prince George's County Board of Education as they begin a new term. Two new members to the Board include Zabrina Epps and Carletta Fellows. Verjeana M. Jacobs was reelected to the post of Board Chair and Carolyn Boston was elected to serve as Vice Chair.

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Chalk Talk: Environmental Resources for Students

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