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New Glasgow, Nova Scotia Tutoring Programs

Get started with SchoolTutoring Academy’s tutoring programs for New Glasgow, Nova Scotia students. Start with a FREE ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT with an Academic Director. Our flagship tutoring programs are available starting at $199.99/month (about $25/hour)

New Glasgow District and Curriculum

The Chignecto-Central Regional School Board Instructional Framework guides instruction in the school district and provides clear expectations for students to meet each year. The curriculum is aligned to the assessments all students take in the province. The curriculum emphasizes core academics in English, Math, Science, Languages, and History and then develop frameworks that help students branch off into more advanced or focused studies. With the fundamentals established through mathematical problem-solving, scientific literacy, and the ability to communicate students have the foundation to master all subjects they pursue.

We currently cover the following New Glasgow-area school district: Chignecto-Central Regional School Board.

Schools in New Glasgow include:

A.G. Baillie Memorial School is located on 477 Victoria Avenue Extension, New Glasgow, NS B2H 1X1, A.G. Baillie Memorial School covers grades K-6 and can be contacted at 902-755-8240.  The mission of the school is is to provide a nurturing and challenging environment, where students are encouraged to be confident learners. A.G. Baillie Memorial School is named after Alexander Grant Baille, who was a prominent community member, teach, and former Supervisor of elementary schools in New Glasgow. In addition, the school is French Immersion site for students in Pictou County, and has one class of grade 4, 5 and 6 French Immersion students. The mascot of the school is the bear, and the school colours are red, white and black. Like other students in the province of Nova Scotia, students at A.G. Baillie Memorial School are taught a curriculum that includes the curriculum standards set out by the province. The mathematics curriculum for students in Primary to grade 3 focuses on number sense, patterns and relations, measurement, geometry and statistics and probability. In statistics and probably, students in mathematics 2 are expected to make graphs such as pictographs to solve problems. In geometry, students describe the characteristics of 3D and 2D objects. For more information on the mathematics tutoring SchoolTutoring Academy offers, please contact us.

New Glasgow Academy is located on 93 Albert St, New Glasgow, NS B2H 5W8, New Glasgow Academy covers grades K-8 and can be contacted at 902-755-8400.  Opening in September 2014, New Glasgow Academy is one of the newer schools in New Glasgow. The school features a 19 foot totem pole with the history of the schools that feed into it. The school has a strong athletic and music program that embraces and celebrates the cultures of students in the school. In addition, the school also has a colourful glass tile mosaic that showcases the town of New Glasgow. According to the Nova Scotia Curriculum standards, students in grades primary to 6 take health education, language arts, mathematics, physical education, social studies, science and visual arts. Students also begin taking French Language Class in grade 4. In English Language Arts, students will be able to communicate their ideas effectively and clearly, and also be able to respond to others opinions and ideas with a thoughtful response. Students also read a variety of texts, including literature, media and visual texts. In writing, students are expected to able to identify an audience and then use effective writing strategies in order to help appeal to this audience. For more information on how SchoolTutoring Academy can help your child with reading and writing with one-on-one tutoring, please contact us.

North Nova Education Centre is located on 343 Park St, New Glasgow, NS B2H 6B2, North Nova Education Centre covers grades 9-12 and can be contacted at 902-755-8180. As one of the five schools in New Glasgow, the school serves over 900 students. The official colours of the school are blue and white, and the school’s mascot is the Gryphon. Students at North Nova Education Centre have the opportunity to traditional academic classes, along with fine arts and co-op courses. The school is also involved in the Nova Scotia International Student Program, hosting students from countries such as South Korea, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, China, Japan and more. Foreign students are assisted by two student ambassadors and the school provides courses and special help to aid students in adopting local education and Canadian lifestyles. Additionally, the school has many committees, clubs and sports, such as the yearbook committee, grad committee and mental health committee. The school’s motto is “Together We Can Make a Difference”. In addition to the regular English stream, the school also offers a French Immersion Program. Students in the French Immersion program have some of their courses taught entirely in French, giving them an opportunity to practice their language skills verbally and through writing. For more information on SchoolTutoring Academy can help you or your child with French tutoring, please contact us.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the New Glasgow District Curriculum

The English curriculum includes the studying of literature throughout history. It helps students learn more about the world, different eras and cultures, and how to discern an author’s intent. Students learn about different literary techniques and how to recognize them. They also learn how to discuss, summarize and analyze material in written and oral forms. Students also continue on to discover how to carry out research on a topic and then to translate it into a form that would interest an audience.

The mathematics curriculum helps students become proficient in using number and equations, algebraic relations, geometry and measurement, and data analysis. They learn how each of these topics is used in the real world and it is a goal that they be able to understand the best way of solving different problems. In more advanced classes, students learn about trigonometric functions, basic identities, and the laws of tines and cosines and more. All of which helps the students become better problem-solvers.

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Nova Scotia Tutors

Satisfying curiosity serves as positive reinforcement for learning and practice. Curiosity combined with confidence in their abilities creates a life long, self-motivated learner.
While having the correct tools to apply is important, it does not replace critical thinking; anyone can copy down a formula like F=MA, but without understanding the basic premise of how the parts relate conceptually, and what they mean, one will have a very difficult time of applying them effectively. Being able to rationalize abstract concepts, as well as the relationship between ideas and constants is the basis for letting formulas and equations do the work for you, and not the other way around.
I believe that every student is unique and should be treated that way. Every child learns differently and should be taught in a way that plays to their strengths. I believe in using a student’s interests to help them excel in school work.

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Keeping Informed: Recent New Glasgow Educational News

  • NGA Asks “What’s In Your Backpack?” to Promote Social Justice - New Glasgow Academy used CCRSB’s “Stand Up. Speak Out” anti-bullying day to shift its focus on social justice and recognizing the things that make everyone unique, different, and the same. Students were asked to portray “what’s in [their] backpack”—things that demonstrate their abilities, hobbies, gender, race, class, etc.—and try to understand and accept what is in everyone else’s backpacks. Students could draw pictures, take photo, create short videos, etc. to show what was in their backpacks; their submissions were used at a regional event.
  • NGA Uses “Restorative Approach” - New Glasgow Academy utilizes the Restorative Approach, which involves “using supportive relationships in order to create a safe and healthy environment where students succeed.” When curriculum is presented, students engage in circle discussions and participate in sharing discussions in class. Communicating in these circle discussions helps build a strong school community; establish, maintain, and repair relationships; and—when needed—resolve conflicts. This process allows the students to be exposed to a highly effective learning experience in a collaborative and respectful environment.
  • One Student From North Glasgow, Seven Others Advance to Canada-Wide Science Fair - Over 230 CCRSD students recently participated in two regional science fairs. Eight of those students advanced to compete in the Canada-Wide Science Fair. One of these students attends North Nova Education Centre in New Glasgow. Her project is entitled “Breathe In/Breathe Out.”

New Glasgow Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

The town of New Glasgow is located in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, on the banks of the of the East River of Pictou. The town is part of the New Glasgow census agglomeration, which includes the neighboring town of Stellarton, Westville, Trenton, and the adjacent rural areas. Historically, the city was settled by Scottish immigrants in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. They named the town New Glasgow, after the city of Glasgow in Scotland. Today, the town is a commercial hub for northeastern Nova Scotia, Multiple chain stores are located in New Glasgow.

Being on the Easter River of Pictou has made the town of New Glasgow an ideal launch point for ships. Historically, George MacKenzie established a ship building business in the town in 1840, where hundreds of ships were built. Even now, the town continue to act as a centre for transportation and industry.

There are many things to do and see in new Glasgow, ranging from a wide variety of delicious dining options, and leisurely walks along one of the river wise trails. Popular tourist attractions in the town include the New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee and the Nova Scotia Museum of Industry.

In 2016, the population of New Glasgow was 18,665 and the population of the New Glasgow census agglomeration was 34,487, making the town of New Glasgow the center of Nova Scotia’s fourth largest urban area. According to a 2016 census by Statistics Canada, the average age of the population in New Glasgow was 43.9 years old. The median employment income in the city in 2015 was $26,799.

Nova Scotia Museum of Industry

The Nova Scotia Museum of Industry is the largest museum in Atlantic Canada. The museum is dedicated to the story of Nova Scotia and its workers, and aims to showcase the history of how Nova Scotia was affected by the industrial age. The museum is located beside the the Trans Canada Highway, on a site that includes the Foord Pit, which was once the deepest coal mine in the world, and the Albion Railway, which was the first passenger and freight railway in Canada. Originally established in 1986, today the museum’s collection includes more than 30,000 objects. Notable artifacts in the collection include the Albion Railway’s Samson Locomotive, the oldest railway locomotive in Canada. Another artifact is the Victorian, a horseless carriage which was the first gasoline powered car built in the Maritimes. The museum also includes a large exhibit on coal mining and hands on galleries where visitors can get an interactive look at the history of industry and work in Nova Scotia.

Melmerby Beach Provincial Park

Located about 20 minutes away from the town of New Glasgow, Melmerby Beach Provincial Park features one of Nova Scotia’s most popular beaches. Melmerby Beach is about 2 km or 1.25 miles long and is supervised during July-August. Visitors can stroll the beach, swim, fly a kite, kayak and more. The park and beach are located on the Northumberland Strait, and the park offers beautiful waterfront views.

The New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee

Held every year since 1995, the New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee features 3 days of entertainment from local and international musicians. The event is held over the first of August long weekend, and the music played includes a mixture of rock, blues, folk, country, and East Coast Music from new and established artists. Attendees can also enjoy a wide variety of food drinks!

Interesting Facts

  • The town of New Glasgow is in the Atlantic Time Zone, which is 4 hours behind UTC or Coordinated Universal Time.
  • Every year, the town holds the Johnny Miles Running Event Weekend, the second largest running event in Atlantic Canada, named after the two time Boston Marathon Winner Johnny Miles.
  • New Glasgow was ranked the 219th best place to live in Canada in 2016 by Moneysense.
  • The town covers an area of 9.96 km2 or 3.85 square miles.

Chalk Talk: Calculating Error Rate and Accuracy in Reading

As teachers are assessing students’ reading on an individual basis, they should record the number and types of errors students make when they are reading. They can then calculate their error rate, which is the ratio of the number of words the student read inaccurately (errors made) to the number of words read. Perhaps the student made five errors on 50 words. To calculate a simplified ratio, the teacher would divide the total number of words read (50) by the number of errors made (5). The solution is ten, meaning that the child made one error for every 10 words read. In order to determine a child’s instructional reading level, the teacher needs to determine his/her accuracy. He/she would calculate the number of words read correctly by the total number of words the student read. From the previous example, this would be 45/50, which would equate to 90 percent accuracy.

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