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New Prague District and Curriculum

New Prague School District offers comprehensive educational programming for students in preschool through the twelfth grade. The district is comprised of five schools, each of which provides students a safe environment in which to learn and develop. The faculty and staff of New Prague’s schools are dedicated to high levels of education. Learners are challenged each day to develop the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in college and career as well. Students take part in lessons that are innovative and rich in hands-on learning, and which make use of the latest in educational research to ensure they are ready to meet the challenges of life and work in the 21st century.

We currently cover the following New Prague-area school district: New Prague School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the New Prague District Curriculum

Developing the skills needed to effectively read literature is a central aspect of the middle school English language arts curriculum in New Prague. Students acquire the ability to analyze the information presented by authors and identify strong textual support for their analyses. Learners also work on identifying the theme and central ideas of a story or book. The manner in which authors utilize various literary devices to tell their story is also analyzed. Learners explore character and plot development as well, and identify how those processes help readers become engrossed in a story.

Students in New Prague explore the foundations of the arts as part of the district’s comprehensive K-12 arts curriculum. In the media arts, students explore similar concepts, including motion, images, and sounds, and learn how to combine them together to help create engaging presentations that effectively communicate meaning. Students in the theatre arts analyze the foundational concepts of that genre as well. Learners acquire essential skills to enhance their performance, and also develop the ability to implement changes to their performance based on a critique.

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Keeping Informed: Recent New Prague Educational News

  • Science Student Attends International Competition - A New Prague student recently attended the International Science and Engineering Fair, where he won fourth place in his division. More than 1,700 students from 70 nations participated in the event. Students work on projects in a range of cutting-edge categories such as environmental sciences, robotics and bio-engineering.
  • Teacher Honored with VWR Educator Award - Jodi Prchal, a science teacher in New Prague, has been named recipient of the VWR Educator Award. The award includes a $1,000 grant that Ms. Prchal can use to help further science education. The funds can be used to develop the classroom resources that students are able to use in their courses.
  • Elementary Teachers Named Top Teachers - Two elementary P.E. teachers have been named by Fox 9 News as Top Teachers. Dana Smith and Jesse Bastyr are the teachers to receive the honor. The honor recognized the dedication that these educators put into their teaching and the great outcomes that are occurring for the students.

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Chalk Talk: Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Parents whose children are approaching kindergarten age should take many factors into consideration when deciding whether or not to enroll their child or wait an additional year. Many parents focus heavily on academic development as the central component of their decision-making process. But there are other considerations to be made. A child’s level of social development is important to consider because a child that is not socially ready will encounter difficulties in class and with their peers. Additionally, motor skills should be considered. Children should be able to control their gross motor movements and should have mastery of fine motor skills as well, such as holding scissors or a pencil. Taking this array of skills into account will help parents make the best decision for their child when it comes time for kindergarten.