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Newark District and Curriculum

The curriculum for the Newark, OH districts is based on the adopted Common Core State Standards and they are included in Ohio’s New Learning Standards. These standards streamline the number of objectives covered and expect more rigor and relevance in these essential core concepts to ensure that students are college and career ready.

We currently cover the following Newark-area school district: Newark City Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Newark District Curriculum

Students are taught to think mathematically and to master mathematical operations, fractions, and decimals while applying these skills in solving problems and reasoning abstractly. Mathematics learning is more analytical and hands-on to help students understand the reasoning behind the process and the answers they obtain while working through problem-based scenarios. The Common Core focuses more on real-world applications and having students understand that the math they are learning is relevant to them now and in the future.

Reading is at the core of the English/Language Arts curriculum. Students read and interact with a wide variety of selections. This curriculum includes all genres and more in the non-fiction area than ever before and analyzing more critically. Writing is also a central component of the curriculum and students are expected to learn techniques to write opinion pieces, analytic essays as well as other formats.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Newark Educational News

  • Bring Your Own Device - Newark High School is participating in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for technology project to increase student access to technology. The program has been a success and is progressing well. The project has been so successful that BYOD will be extended to all students and staff in grades 6-12 and all staff in K-5. BYOD allows students and staff to bring their own wireless technology devices to school to use for educational purposes. A list of acceptable devices has been given to students and staff in affected grade levels and include laptop computers, netbooks, tablets, eReaders, IPod touches, and is some situations smartphones.
  • STEM at Licking Valley Middle School - Two teams from Licking Valley Middle School STEM Club took part in the STEMfest in Newark, which is an event to connect industry, education, and the community while encouraging students to excel in STEM. Teams are given real-world scenarios with problems to solve with certain materials. The objective is to find the best possible solutions with the available materials. Solutions are presented to a live audience and a panel of judges, who then award prizes to the top team solutions. Both teams performed well in the STEMfest!
  • Curriculum Transition - Newark City Schools continues to prepare for the shift to the Common Core State Standards and hope that these new objectives will make more sense to parents, teachers, and students. The change has been anticipated for several years and staff development has been mandated and will be on-going until the entire state of Ohio has implemented the Common Core fully by the end of the 2014-15 school year. Curriculum leaders in Newark City Schools have spearheaded the transition effort.

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