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Northborough District and Curriculum

The Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough are comprised of a few elementary schools and one middle school located in each of these two neighboring towns. The towns share the Algonquin Regional High School. Northborough has four elementary schools with grades K-5 and a middle school; these schools are comprised of 1,810 students. The district contains three committees that oversee the instructional process and extracurricular opportunities available to the students.

We currently cover the following Northborough-area school district: The Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Northborough District Curriculum

The main goal of the high school’s English language arts department is to cultivate readers, writers and speakers who are confident in their language skills. It does this by implementing a writing process that includes peer review and revision as well as basing reading on reader response theory. The school offers more generalized courses to underclassmen, but juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take classes focused on more specific topics, such as Creative Writing and Dramatic Literature. A course on the writer’s workshop is also offered.

The social studies department has keyed in on ten themes that courses are built around, with each containing essential questions. The themes are communication, conflict, economy, geography, identity, leadership, power, revolution, rights and responsibility, and technology. There is also a list of interrelated themes pertaining to these categories which are addressed in greater depth in each social studies course.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Northborough Educational News

  • District to Look into Later Start Times for High School - Northborough-Southborough Public Schools have put together a study group that will investigate the need for later start times for the high school. This comes on the heels of parents organizing a study on students’ sleep needs and urging the institution of a later start time for Algonquin Regional High.
  • School Officials from China Tour Algonquin - A group of headmasters from schools in China visited Algonquin Regional High during an international tour of schools. The Chinese leaders hoped to learn about and observe leadership techniques, A.P. coursework, and class schedules to bring back to schools in China. They were able to see innovative practices through video-based learning, robotics, and the use of iPads in the classroom.
  • Northborough Adds Two New Teachers - With kindergarten enrollment at Northborough being higher than expected, two new teachers were added at Proctor and Peaslee schools. Proctor added a third classroom, while Peaslee hired a teacher to help out in the kindergarten classrooms in the mornings.

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Chalk Talk: Help with Homework

Sometimes, getting children to do their homework is a constant battle. Students may be exhausted after a long day of school and extracurricular activities, or they just may struggle mightily with it. As children become older, they may feel that there is no point in doing homework. It is essential that parents strike the proper balance in helping their children do their homework. They should be encouraging while also emphasizing the importance of their homework. Parents don’t need to force their children to do their homework the second they walk in the door, but they should not wait until it is late and they become tired. It is alright for children to take some brief breaks and eat a healthy snack if needed. If a student is struggling with homework, parents can provide help, but they should avoid giving away answers and doing the work for them.

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