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Norwalk District and Curriculum

Norwalk Community School District consists of five schools and approximately 2,600 students. Norwalk’s Vision of Teaching and Learning is built around a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). Characteristics of effective instruction include a rigorous curriculum, teaching to student differences, assessments for learning, teaching for understanding, and student-centered classrooms. These characteristics are derived from the Iowa Core Curriculum, or thr 21st Century Learning and Universal Constructs. The district strives to use balanced assessments. The MTSS and professional development intertwine, allowing for continuous improvement in curriculum and instruction.

We currently cover the following Norwalk-area school district: Norwalk Community School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Norwalk District Curriculum

The district emphasizes that curriculum intertwines standards, instruction, and assessment. Norwalk also values a Backward Design model in which the desired result (assessment) is determined first, followed by acceptable evidence, and then the learning experiences and instructional methods that will be incorporated. The extensive curriculum review process follows a six-year cycle. Phase 1, which encompasses the first and second years of the process, focuses on what students need to know and be able to do.

Phase II—in year three—asks the question of how teachers will known that students have learned, focusing on assessment. This step involves actually implementing the new curriculum. Phase III, which occurs in years four, five, and six, is built around two questions: how teachers will respond when students do not learn and how they will respond when students already know what they plan to teach them. Student-centered classrooms and teaching for student differences are a focus in this phase. The sixth and final year of the curriculum review process.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Norwalk Educational News

  • Two Norwalk Students Named National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists - Two Norwalk High seniors were on a list of about 16,000 students selected across the country as semifinalists in the 61st annual National Merit Scholarship Program. The students will advance in the competition and compete for two of the 7,400 National Merit Scholarships worth a total of $32 million to be awarded. The semifinalists represent the top less than one percent of high school seniors in the nation.
  • Eastview Teacher Named Finalist for Iowa Teacher of the Year - Renee McCombs, who is an eighth grade special education teacher at Norwalk’s Eastview 8-9 School, was named one of six finalists for Iowa Teacher of the Year. Principal Dr. Jody Ratigan wrote a letter of nomination for the outstanding educator she referred to as creative, caring, and a teacher leader. Dr. Ratigan said that Ms. McCombs, who has 16 years of teaching experience, communicates well with students, parents, and her fellow teachers and has the ability to work with families to solve problems involving their children.
  • Norwalk Science Teacher Nominated for Presidential Award - Shannon Harrison McLaughlin, a science teacher at Norwalk High, was one of five Iowa teachers named as finalists for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Outstanding teachers are recognized in all 50 states, and two teachers from Iowa will be awarded $10,000 as well trips to Washington, D.C.., where they will be recognized and have the opportunity to participate in professional development programs.

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Chalk Talk: Children’s Literature Spotlight: Celebrating the Classroom

Many events and people can be celebrated in the classroom, and these are featured in several books. In “The Best Teacher Ever”, written and illustrated by Mercer Mayer, the main character learns that he does not have to give a purchased present wrapped in a box to his favorite teacher Miss Kitty; she likes his drawing just as much! In “Book Fair Day”, Dewey was so excited for the school book fair, but he was in horror when he found out that his class would be going to the book fair last. He tried to go three separate times, but his teacher always caught him. When they finally went, he had to help all his classmates, and he feared that they ran out of books. However, the librarian had saved all of his favorite books for him. In “Last Day, Hooray!”everybody was eagerly awaiting the start of summer, daydreaming about what they were going to do. A group of students decides to throw a surprise party for their teacher, Ms. Bell.