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Norwood District and Curriculum

Norwood Public Schools serve more than 3,400 students in seven schools. There are five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school; plus, there is an early childhood center. The district’s mission is to provide students with a nurturing learning environment that allows them to achieve academic excellence, become lovers of learning, and be fruitful citizens. Beliefs include that every child can learn, each student’s diverse abilities should be acknowledged and developed, and students are accountable for their learning and behavior.

We currently cover the following Norwood-area school district: Norwood Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Norwood District Curriculum

Norwood Public Schools are committed to students being successful and engaged in the 4A’s of Academics, Arts, Activities, and Athletics. The English language arts and math curricula align with the Common Core Standards, while the other content areas are based off the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. The district’s Curriculum Accommodation Plan assists classroom teachers in adapting the curriculum to meet the needs of the diverse learners in their classes.

Beginning in 2015, the district will fully implement the PARCC assessment to replace the current state test. Norwood uses a balanced literacy approach that involves various types of reading and writing, including modeled, interactive, guided, and independent. The district emphasizes incorporating the best practices in education and updates a page with information on current practices regularly. Additionally, it provides detailed curriculum overviews for each grade level.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Norwood Educational News

  • “We the People” Team Comes in Second - Norwood High School’s “We the People” Team visited the Kennedy School of Government to debate constitutional issues in a mock congressional hearing. The students presented arguments to the panel of judges and ended up finishing in second place. The “We the People” Team is comprised of Norwood honors civics students.
  • Norwood Honored for Work in A.P. Education - Norwood Public Schools has been honored by placing on College Board’s 4th Annual AP District Honor Roll. To appear on the list, school districts must increase access to AP courses and maintain or increase the percentage of students scoring at least a 3 on the AP exam. Norwood’s superintendent praised the high school’s staff for encouraging students to take the challenging AP courses and making them available to a diverse group of students.
  • Middle Schooler Gains New Appreciation for Community Service - Every year, an eighth grader from each city and town in Massachusetts is chosen to participate in Project 351—a statewide volunteering initiative. Student participants must be nominated by their schools, and Norwood’s representative was chosen for her intelligence, kindness, involvement, and preexisting experience with community service including being a founding member of the school’s Anti-Bullying club and organizing the yearly Teddy Bear Tea.

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Chalk Talk: Educational Jargon: High-Stakes Testing

High-stakes testing refers to standardized assessments with results that mean something significant. The results of state standardized assessments have implications for students, educators, and school districts. The No Child Left Behind Act calls for all students reaching proficiency in literacy and math, and this is determined from state tests. If schools’ test scores do not match up to the expectations—especially over a period of time—there will be consequences for those schools and the educators involved. For instance, parents may be free to send their children to other schools within the district. Also, fair or not, teachers are often evaluated on the results of their students’ assessments. Additionally, the SAT and ACT are examples of high-stakes tests. They are “high stakes,” as students’ scores on these exams can determine if they are accepted by certain universities.