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O'Hara Township District and Curriculum

Fox Chapel Area School District uses a curriculum design based on the model entitled Understanding by Design. This system begins with the final goal or Desired Results. Then there is a set of ways the schools will see if the goals are being met through Evidence. Finally, a Learning Plan is put in place to provide students with the tools they need to reach the final goal. Students in the Fox Chapel Area School District learn the foundational core standards of English, math, science and social studies.

We currently cover the following O’Hara Township-area school district: Fox Chapel Area School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the O’Hara Township District Curriculum

Students are also taught technology education to better prepare them for life beyond high school. Students also learn arts such as visual arts, music, theater and dance. Students learn about healthy living and staying active as well. These courses are also in line with the 21st century learning expectations that encompass the development of creativity, collaboration, innovation and other developmental assets that help students gain the personal attributes needed to attain their dreams.

High school students take electives which line up with their goals after high school. Students are offered and encouraged to take courses which will prepare them for secondary education, but there are also resources for students planning to pursue a vocation. Community service is a requirement of graduation and a senior project is also expected; these are facets of the educational program that allow students to apply their learning and abilities outside the classroom and be assessed through authentic means.

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Chalk Talk: How to Help Your Child with Math

Whether you are strong or weak in the area of math, you can help and encourage your child to succeed in the area of math. First of all, know that the best help you can provide your child wrestling with math is the tools and motivation to solve problems on their own. So even if you know the answer, refrain from giving it to your child and instead help to guide them in the steps that they can take to find the answer on their own. If your child gets frustrated and can’t find the answer, let them take a break and try again. If they still are stuck, you may help them in a different way (remembering that there are many learning styles which can be accommodated) or you may talk to their teacher or have your child ask their teacher for more clarification. If your child consistently struggles in math, it may be worth finding a tutor who can help them as well.