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Passaic, New Jersey Tutoring Programs

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Passaic District and Curriculum

The school district of Passaic County is committed to having each of their students meet or exceed the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards. The district embraces a supportive, multicultural environment which centers on the success of all students. In partnership with the community, Passaic Public Schools seeks to provide an environment where students develop into responsible, respectful citizens who have a love of lifelong learning.

We currently cover the following Passaic-area school district: Passaic Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Passaic District Curriculum

In English Language Arts, the curriculum focuses on the major areas of Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Language. The elementary program is strongly based in phonics and students read a variety of materials including poetry, fiction, non-fiction and drama. Middle school students learn to see literature as a doorway to learning about the human condition and are encouraged to develop their own style and opinions through writing. High school students learn to analyze literature as well as their own writing and have the opportunity to take classes in drama, journalism and creative writing.

With Math, the elementary schools work from the Everyday Mathematics curriculum which stresses differentiated instruction and the use of multiple materials. Students learn basic math operations plus fractions, measurement and geometry. The middle schools use the Connected Mathematics curriculum where pre-algebra and algebra is a major focus. In high school, students have the opportunity to study algebra, geometry, pre-calculus and calculus as well as Java and statistics.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Passaic Educational News

  • JROTC Drill Champions - Passaic High School’s NJROTC team placed second in the National JROTC Championship in the 2013 finals. The competition was held in Daytona, FL so students had a chance to meet peers from across the country.
  • Technology Upgrades - Passaic School District has undergone a massive technology upgrade which includes the building of two new data centers, planning for a private optical fiber network, putting in a VoIP phone system and the roll out of a 1-1 initiative with Samsung Chromebooks.
  • Nutrition Program Honored - The William B. Cruise School in Passaic was honored for its breakfast program as well as its extracurricular physical education opportunities. The school was visited by NY Jets Cornerback Brett Lockett as a prize for being among the winners of the state’s Eat Right Move More program.

Passaic Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: The Benefits of the Peer Tutoring Model

When students are allowed to tutor each other in the classroom, several positive outcomes are the result. When a student assumes a teaching role, they are building their own understanding of the material. The students receiving assistance from their peers often respond favorably to the instruction of a person who is more like them and the instruction is usually likely to be more “on their level” of understanding. Also, those students put in the instructor role very often gets a boost to their self-esteem. In addition, social relationships among the students were seen to improve. The peer-tutoring method is a useful and beneficial way to differentiate instruction in the classroom and can be used with students of any age.

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