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Pella, Iowa Tutoring Programs

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Pella District and Curriculum

Pella Community Schools feature two elementary schools, one intermediate school, one junior high school and one high school all of which follow Iowa Common Core Standards. The focus of the Pella school district is to produce students who are critical thinkers that can solve problems on their own and the district has developed a curriculum that supports this vision. At the elementary school level, the focus is on student-generated questions and inquiry, preparing them for increased independence in learning throughout their education.

We currently cover the following Pella-area school district: Pella Community Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Pella District Curriculum

In Language Arts, for example, second graders are expected to make connections between the material they read and their own lives. Furthermore, they are expected to engage in discussions with their peers regarding the material. Instructors ask questions that force students to think and interpret rather than just answer. This focus on student centered learning continues at the junior high school. In writing assignments, students are expected to have developed the ability to revise and edit with little to no feedback from peers or instructors, demonstrating their own ability to solve problems.

Critical thinking skills are tested in high school as students are expected to recognize themes in literature and identify the uses of figurative language and rhetoric in fiction and non-fiction writing. This ability to apply abstract thought is a true culmination of the language arts curriculum as a student progresses through Pella schools.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Pella Educational News

  • Pella Historical Society - The Pella Historical Society proudly maintains a complex of 24 buildings including the boyhood home of Wyatt Earp. Activities in the Historical Village include demonstrations on weaving and blacksmithing. Families can take tours or local residents can even become volunteers.
  • Tulip Time! - Celebrate Tulip Time! Once a year, Pella immerses itself in its Dutch roots and celebrates its heritage. Residents dress in traditional clothing and the whole town turns out for Tulip Time. Activities include learning to care for the iconic Dutch flowers and learning to make traditional Dutch food and cookies.
  • Central College - Pella is also the home to Central College, a private four-year liberal arts college. In addition to providing the residents of Pella with an educational resource, the music major at Pella college prepares students to teach music at the grade school level and Central College students have the opportunity to help with the Pella Community Schools’ large performing arts program.

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Chalk Talk: How to Take Notes

At some point in your educational career, teachers stop giving out handouts and expect you to take notes yourself. As long as you are prepared and know some of the secrets, the transition should be smooth. For example, don’t try to write everything down. You are not trying to reproduce the lecture word for word, you are trying to cover the main points to assist you in your studying later on. The best note takers create their own shorthand and go back and rewrite their notes soon after class when it is still fresh. You’re also going to want to stay organized, not only with the notes on the page, but with all of your notes over the course of a semester. Be sure to write dates and topics covered on each page and use a notebook for your loose papers. If you are taking notes on a computer, create folders and title your documents with specific helpful titles.