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Phoenixville, Pennsylvania Tutoring Programs

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Phoenixville District and Curriculum

Phoenixville Area School District strives to provide their students with the knowledge they need to succeed not only according to state standards and national requirements, but also for the greater purpose of equipping students for life after high school graduation. The high school offers many courses including Technology Education, Business courses, Family Consumer Science, Language Arts, World Language, in addition to core curriculum and many other courses.

We currently cover the following Phoenixville-area school district: Phoenixville Area School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Phoenixville District Curriculum

For their Language Arts program, they not only offer basic reading and writing. They also offer communication courses, journalism, Philosophy, Mythology, various writing techniques, and Shakespeare in Modern Culture. With these courses students are offered wide variety even within the discipline of Language Arts to explore their unique interests and career goals. Students also develop a range of critical thinking skills including analysis, interpretation, evaluation and synthesis of ideas and information. All this is used to help them also become stronger writers able to address different audiences.

In their business curriculum, Phoenixville Area High School offers several concentrations including Practical Law, Sports & Entertainment Marketing and Applied Business Documents & Graphics. In their technology Education program they of CADD, Graphic Design, HTML, and Web design and programming at various levels.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Phoenixville Educational News

  • Phoenixville Summer Camps for Students - Phoenixville Area School District along with Parks & Rec, Library, and Firebird Theatre offer 2014 Summer Camps for students. Courses are wide and varied for anyone interested in the arts, music, sports, or academic support. Age requirement depends on the specific course to be taken.
  • Citadel Heart of Learning Award Presented to Elementary Teacher - Miss Dooley was a finalist for the Citadel Heart of Learning Award. She teaches at Barkley Elementary in the Phoenixville Area School District. Way to go, Miss Dooley!
  • Phoenixville Area School District Addresses Growing Enrollment Challenge - Phoenixville Area School District discusses options for challenges posed by growing enrollment. Superintendent and board are talking about a potential redistricting process that would slowly work to distribute students. This change is not finalized, but would not begin until after next school year.

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Chalk Talk: Benefits of Physical Education

While getting changed into gym clothes for PE class may be a less than pleasurable experience, it may be helpful to understand the benefits of Physical Education in schools. There has been more and more of a push recently to focus more on physical activities that can be maintained and sustained through life as opposed to the very traditional sports class approach. While learning about various sports can be helpful when you randomly are asked to play a round of beach volleyball, some other physical activities are more commonly used. Many high schools now offer a variety of class types that tend to mirror offerings in local gyms or that contemporary adults are using to exercise in their daily routine. Classes like yoga, swimming, dance, and even rock climbing are sometimes offered. Other water and outdoor activities are encouraged and indoor activities such as weightlifting and aerobics are sometimes taught.