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Pine Bluff District and Curriculum

The Arkansas Department of Education monitors the curriculum and provides mandatory assessments for the three districts that service students in Pine Bluff. The largest school district is Pine Bluff Schools, with about five thousand students in six elementary schools, two middle schools, one junior high, and one high school. The large elementary schools, which have kindergarten-fifth grade, each have between 400-460 students. The middle schools have sixth and seventh graders and each has about 350 students. The junior high school prepares eighth and ninth graders for high school and has about 750 students. Finally, the high school has about one thousand tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders. Pine Bluff Schools strives to involve parents in their children’s education through parental involvement plans, detailed student handbooks, monthly activity calendars, parent centers, school-parent compacts, volunteer activities, and frequent parent meetings.

The Watson Chapel School District has about three thousand students in its three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The elementary schools are organized by grade levels into a K-1 campus, a 2-3 campus, and a 4-6 campus so that instruction can be more focused. The junior high school services students in grades 7-9, while the high school has students in grades 10-12. The District’s literacy and mathematics scores are below the Arkansas state scores but are showing slow improvement.

We currently cover the following Pine Bluff-area school districts: Dollarway School District, Pine Bluff School District and Watson Chapel School District

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Pine Bluff District Curriculum

Finally, Dollarway School District also provides educational services to students in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. There are four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school in the District, with a total of about one thousand, six hundred students. In order to improve student performance on assessments and close the achievement gap, a task force of District employees, parents, and community members has been organized. Topics which are discussed at their meetings include parental involvement, on-site technology needs, after school programs, student recognition, instructional strategies, and educational support programs. Data from the Arkansas Department of Education shows that Dollarway School District is making steady improvement in literacy.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Pine Bluff Educational News

  • Curriculum Maps Developed - With the development of additional maps during 2011-2012, Dollarway School District has detailed curriculum maps available for most curricular areas. The maps include standards, strategies and activities, and suggested assessments to support instruction and improve student achievement across the curricular areas.
  • Football Team News - Pine Bluff High School's football team was awarded the honor of being the 2012 6A South Conference Champions and Arkansas State Runner-Up. Over seventy students participated in the winning football program.
  • Parent and Family Resource Center Developed - Pine Bluff School District has an active parent center that provides parenting workshops and professional development for administrators and teachers. Materials available for parents include books, videos, CDs, learning modules in mathematics and language arts, and handouts. Additionally, a thirty station computer lab is also on site.

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As our world becomes more technical, it is important that students are proficient in mathematics. Parents need to encourage their children and help them understand the importance of mathematics. Most importantly, children need to learn to solve problems, to communicate mathematically, and to understand how to reason. To help your child understand mathematics and develop confidence, you can provide support in the following ways: remind them that there are many ways to solve problems. Encourage your child to explore different ways to solve a problem. Wrong answers are helpful in understanding math because when a child understands why he or she made a mistake, then how to find the correct answer becomes clearer. Suggest that your child take risks and solve difficult problems. Be available to guide him or her when mathematics problems are hard. Practice mental math with your child because being able to figure out things without pencil and paper is very helpful. Teach your child how to use a calculator and other appropriate computational tools.

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